Fallout 4, Dishonored 2 or More Elder Scrolls... What's Bethesda's Hand at E3?

We are starting some E3 build up with a look at Bethesda's possible "hand" at E3. Structured like playing a game of card find out what is likely to be their "Ace in the Hole" or something out of the blue as their "Wildcard".

The first in a series as we count down the 7 weeks to E3.

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CourierSix1363d ago

Well Respawn Rossco, I hope you're right...

rosscoffx1363d ago

Spoke to the Bethesda dude and showed him the article. Refused to give me any feedback on my predictions the cheeky bugger!

Think we'll see Fallout 4 and Dishonored 2 for sure!

TheGavofWar1363d ago

Not a massive fallout fan myself but a good game none the less, but have recently started dishonured and Im enjoying that so far

rosscoffx1363d ago

Dishonored is oustanding, love it. Fallout will just consume you a lot like Skyrim or Oblivion but if you put the hours in. One of those where 10hours only scratches the surface.