Canadian Video Games Prices Now Up To $80 In Stores

What’s the most puzzling about this jump in Canadian video games prices is the fact that the Canadian Dollar has been rebounding. The CAD was at $0.795 to the USD the day we found out games would start to cost $75, on February 23, 2015. Just over 8 weeks later, the CAD now sits at $0.831 to the USD, meaning the Canadian Dollar actually improved by roughly 4.5% since. Obviously, these decisions for the Market Suggested Retail Price don’t happen on a day-to-day basis, but the fact remains that Activision and EA are setting the scene for other publishers to mark up their games to these absurd prices once more holiday games are announced.

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Neonridr1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

Canadian Dollar is tied to oil prices.. they go up, our dollar goes with it.

but this is ridiculous.

Sony did the same thing with the PS4, claiming that it was due to the weakening dollar that they had to charge $50 more for their console. Strangely enough, they didn't raise the price of their Vita to go along with that theory. And MS or Nintendo didn't raise the price of their consoles either.

But now in some cases we are paying $20 more for the same game.

GordonKnight1924d ago

Maybe they're testing Canadian market with the price increase to see how it affects sells. Then they will increase the price in the NA.

I hope that not the case.

bradfh1924d ago

this is just highway robbery and needs to stop

Neonridr1924d ago

me neither, that would be awful.

Funny thing is, the Canadian dollar will bounce back near or at par within the year probably and retailers will still continue to charge the same prices.. :P

T9001923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

People need to wake up to the fact that its the central banks that are printing money out of thin air and keeping interest rates at 0% devaluing all currencies.

This reckless behavior is causing prices of just about everything to go up, their excuse is that they want inflation. While they arent willing to admit true inflation thats really hurting the public, its an indirect tax on everyone.

I think Canada might be a test case, it might not be long before there is a price hike in the US.

ziggurcat1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )


"And MS or Nintendo didn't raise the price of their consoles either."

though the price of the console hasn't changed since the exchange rate change, the price of games have.

it's one of the main reasons why i pretty much just purchase digital now - in the PS store, at least, there's no taxes. and to my knowledge, it's the same in the XBL marketplace.

"Funny thing is, the Canadian dollar will bounce back near or at par within the year probably and retailers will still continue to charge the same prices.. :P"

yeah, that's the horrible thing about all of this.

pivotplease1923d ago

It's completely understandable for where our dollar is. 90 cents has been pretty typical but sub-80 leaves a huge disparity between our prices and American prices. It sucks though because it's not like we are getting paid more or anything is happening to compensate for said increases.

At those who talk about a bounce back...just no. Not for awhile at least. Maybe in 2017. The abundance of oil going around now has kind of screwed Canada since it was a huge source of profit in Alberta. I don't see things evening out for a few years at least. So the price changes are justified though they really suck. No other way to put it.

I recommend googling Canada game deals. It's a Twitter account/website that keeps tabs on deals at various retailers. I got an uncharted 4 pre-order for like 53 bucks thanks to it.

FinalomegaS1924d ago

oh ya i remember this back in the 90s

here we go again.

Pandamobile1924d ago

Reason #2158 why I don't buy retail games.

BellePelouse1924d ago

Sadly they keep the digital prices on par with retail. At least for Battlefront, it is also prices a 79.99 on Origin.

Worst thing is that the right thing to do would be to stop buying games a full price but I probably will probably preorder Battlefront :(

Me an EA are in a unhealthy relationship I can't seem to be able to get out...

Pandamobile1924d ago

Still says $60 for Battlefront for me on Orign, but that might be because of my VPN.

Nwah1924d ago

My heart goes out to my Cannuck brethren.

yellowgerbil1924d ago

SOOOOOOO that comes out to roughly 60$ US seriously must be a slow news day

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1924d ago

$60 usd = $72.50 cdn currently

Must be a slow brain day for you.

yellowgerbil1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

80$canadian=66US currently so you are paying a whopping 6 dollars more than Americans WAHHHHHHHH WAHHH
I know my math, yeah if it was calculus or something I wouldn't know it but seriously get your head on straight before you accuse someone of not knowing elementary level math.
The entitlement of gamers is really ridiculous lately. Games COST money to make, the cost has risen massively, yet the price has fallen instead of raised. I remember Sega Genesis games costing 100$US back when I was a kid, yet kids nowadays complain that their 100million dollar game costs them even just 60 (or 66).

pivotplease1923d ago

You can't just dismiss the difference due to relativity. No matter how you put it Canadians are now paying 20 dollars more per game plus extra because of higher taxes. It's not like it suddenly becomes easier to make the money because it's worth less on a global scale. Our wages are the same. We are just now paying 33% more per new game. Kind of a big deal.

Once again I recommend Canada game deals to people. It seems GoW 3 remastered is now down to 40 on a few sites.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

So you're aware you're wrong.

It's not entitlement at all either. When the canadian dollar was significantly more than the US dollar, we still paid as much as you guys. This isn't even including sales tax, which is 15% in most provinces.

But hey it's only $6 right? But hey I can just buy used games, I mean to a major corporation it's only $60 right? (minus whatever cut the retailer gets). I mean you can argue the company deserves the money, but I can argue they are entitled. Grow up, and learn economics. Sometimes charging more because it's possible to is actually gonna hurt more than anything.

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