You may still be able to download Silent Hills P.T. despite its removal from PSN

Dealspwn: The P.T. Silent Hills teaser demo has now been deleted from PSN stores worldwide. Already, we've seen a few cheeky gamers put their PS4s with the demo installed on eBay for prices upwards of £1000. And who can blame them? Many people made quite a bit of money by doing the very same thing with their mobile phones when Flappy Bird was originally taken offline. We don't think P.T. will be coming back though. However, there is a chance that you can still download it.

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Blues Cowboy1266d ago

Nice, beats paying £1000 for a preinstalled PS4 :P

bggriffiths1266d ago

I've seen one going for £3100 as a joke, but still an actual listing. I hope he manages it.

Blues Cowboy1266d ago

Hideo Kojima might buy it as a souvenir. Either that or deservedly raid Konami for office supplies.

admiralvic1266d ago

Eh, but it really doesn't solve anything though.

The solution is something that is already known to the point where it is pointless. If you downloaded it in the past, then you can still download it and or find someone who did in the past and download it from them. This has been true for every delisted, promotional or short term item in the history of the PSN. But in the end, unless you yourself did this in the past, it changes nothing.

TheImprobableMulk1266d ago

I'm glad I'll be able to download again in the future, if only as a reminder of what could have been.

RedCloud881266d ago

Really hoping sony somehow secures ownership of the silent hill franchise and brings kojima and Del Torro in to finish this game.

XSpike1266d ago

I can still download GT-HD on the old PS3, anybody want a PS3 with GT-HD installed - $1000!

PS4 with P.T. I'll do $1000 as well! Sadly both of them won't come with my account details so they'll be installed but unplayable ;)

uth111266d ago

Don't print articles like this, you'll crash the PT market! At least wait until my auction ends :D /s

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The story is too old to be commented.