Sony “Very Cautious” About Pricing Changes for PlayStation Consoles

During Sony’s financial conference call for Japanese investors and analysts, Chief Financial officer Kenichiro Yoshida talked about pricing policies for PlayStation Platforms.

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F0XHOUND1269d ago

Don't rush into changing a winning formula!

SpaceRanger1269d ago

Exactly! Why change something that is clearly working and helping stay above the competition.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1269d ago

But wouldn't lowering the price increase that lead? The PS4 was 400 at launch in Canada but is now 450 in most stores while X1 gets crazy deals like 300 for the double AC game bundle. Luckily I got mine at launch for... Wait for it..

420 with tax lol 420

RosweeSon1269d ago

Because it does no good to rest on your Laurels, besides what's £50 amongst friends, still works out around same price as the inferior Xbox one and helps to sell a few more ps4's in the process for those waiting for a price cut or a sub £299 price ;) just sell an extra controller, years ps+ Or a game or 2 and don't have made their £50 back everyone's happy?

F0XHOUND1269d ago

Because if they project sales of 1million units, why would they sell those million for 300 instead of 400 "an example". You could argue they'd sell more cheap, but that's not necessarily going to happen... they could follow the same sales totals but -100 a sale. When the projected sales stagnate and things slow down, they will lower the cost to hopefully attract more buyers :) that's why right now, no need to change as its working perfectly above the cost of Xbox one... why change?

freshslicepizza1269d ago

"Why change something that is clearly working and helping stay above the competition."

gee, i don't know. how about passing on the savings to you know, consumers. that's us right?

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Magicite1269d ago

Sony is new apple :D /s

1269d ago
Abash1269d ago

The PS4 is worth every penny at $400 and with the way it sells, consumers see it the same way. They should drop the price when it is necessary, and right now it isn't.

The PS3 though, that's a completely different story. It's been a while since it has received an official price drop and I would be another one as back up if it was cheaper. I also think they should do one more redesign and sell it cheaper, making it the perfect starter console for new gamers or for gamers who wait years upon years before buying a new game console and stay a gen or two behind.

Yi-Long1269d ago

I still have a 60GB Black Phat PS3, and when I lived in Hong Kong for a year I had to buy a new PS3 so I could play there, but I went out of my way to buy the Slim PS3, and not the much cheaper-looking plastic Super-Slim, which just looks terrible IMHO.

I really do wish they'd release a new PS3 which doesn't look as bad as the plastic Super-Slim.

As far as discounts go, their PS4 is still selling very well, so I don't believe that needs a discount right now. Just create some new interesting bundles and it will do OK.

However, Sony's memory cards are ridiculously expensive, especially here in Holland, so even though I have a Vita, I'm not buying ANY games for it, simply because I don't have any left-over space on my GB memory card that came with the system, and I sure as hell aren't going to buy an overpriced new card.

Also, the controllers should get a price-drop. They're 60 euro here in Holland, which is crazy. Something like 40 euro would be great.

GameSpawn1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

I don't think they'll change the PS3 anymore. The cheap plastic-y Super-Slim is it. If you remember the PSOne and the final PS2 Slim you'd get the same feeling. Both of them were small and plastic-y.

My only issue with the Super-Slim PS3 is that it is much noisier than the Slim due to the spinning disc. Because of the thin plastic drive door versus an enclosed slot loading drive there is much less noise dampening.

As far as memory cards for your Vita, I don't know if it is economical for you to buy one from an online retailer as a Japan import (I don't know if you have to deal with any additional import taxes). I got my 64GB card from an Amazon marketplace seller that imports from Japan and was able to get the 64GB for a couple bucks more than a 32GB cost here in the US.

Yi-Long1269d ago

I'm afraid you're right about them not releasing a new PS3.

Concerning the Vita-cards, I know they're cheaper overseas and although ordering/importing them could be costly due to ridiculous taxes and handling fees here in Holland, I do plan on buying 1-2 new big Vita cards next time I'll be in Hong Kong (as well as new controllers, which are around 300-350 HK$ there, so around 30-35 euro).

Captain_TomAN941269d ago

The problem is the PS3 is just an expensive console due to the inclusion of Blue Ray (Which WAS necessary) and the exotic CELL.

The only way I see a $100 PS3 launching is if they remove the Blue Ray drive and sell it as a 100-250GB micro console.

rainslacker1269d ago

That's the way it happens. When sales stagnate, or they are having trouble competing, they lower the price.

Thing is, a price drop isn't the only way to entice buyers. There are bundles, new SKU's(bigger hard drive or limited edition versions), or just giving a year of PS+ for free, which help to push people to buy it if they are on the fence, and in the mean time, they keep up their revenues instead of losing around $50 million a month.

Bathyj1269d ago

They should be. They don't need to sell more consoles, they've all but guaranteed they will be the market leader for the rest of this gen. They need to continue making profit on hardware and games to drag the company out if the slump they've been in.

Just stay the course Sony. I'd be more inclined to add value, like a bigger HDD or packed in game then drop the price. At least until holiday season.

andibandit1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

"They don't need to sell more consoles,"...

uhmm what?.

SilentNegotiator1269d ago

Pretty sure he's talking about the pace at which they're selling them. Actually, it's completely obvious that he meant just that, if you read the second half of the sentence you quoted.

Transistor1269d ago

It like everyone is forgetting about how they dealt with the PS2, that they didn't react to the Xbox Ones price drops and the fact they are launching Project Morpheus in 2016.

$299 by the years end is guaranteed.

rainslacker1269d ago

Right now a price drop is their ace in the hole. They have a ton of wiggle room to react to their competition.

Don't get me a consumer, if I were looking for a PS4 I would want one as cheap as possible, and I can understand there are people who aren't willing to spend $400 on a console, but at the same time, the market dictates if they are willing to spend a certain amount on a product. Since apparently, it's worth $400 to many people, there is no reason for Sony to discount it.

Toiletsteak1269d ago

The main reason i picked up a PS4 over the weekend was because it was on sale at a very good price that i didn't want to pass up on, i don't think Sony really needs to drop the price of the PS4 but if they do that every now and then (weekend sale) i think people will buy it.

ZaWarudo1269d ago

Just bundle it with Bloodborne.


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