Xbox One Halo 5 Development Director Teases Voice Recording "Fans Would Lose Their Minds"

343's development director Frank O'Connor has been teasing a voice recording for the upcoming Halo 5: Guardians. Apparently the person has been guessed and according O'Connor Hardcore Halo fans would lose their minds if they knew who's voice got recorded.

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christocolus1361d ago

The hype is real. I need this game now. 343i make us proud.

BartMoons1361d ago

Return to Halo is itching for sure

Naga1361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

If it's Nathan Fillion, I'm running naked down the street.

TheCommentator1360d ago

I'd turn into a live action grunt birthday party if that happens!

Brotard1361d ago ShowReplies(3)
StrayaKNT1361d ago

We have already lost our minds tbh

Erik73571360d ago

There's a lot of salt in those disagrees

Blaze9291361d ago

Minds been lost - GIMME HALOZ!

aviator1891361d ago

Well, if it's something only hardcore fans would know, it can't really be anyone that we've seen in the games, right? I'm going to guess Mendicant Bias.

Kingdomcome2471360d ago

I believe so too. Such an awesome name. Mendicant Bias.

ChrisChambers1361d ago

Anyone that's read the books, are they any good? I never had much interest in them but after listening to the #huntthetruth recordings I feel like I should take in all the info I can before this game releases

Naga1361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

The books are excellent. I haven't read all of the books out there, but the ones by Eric Nylund - "The Fall of Reach", "First Strike", and "Ghosts of Onyx" are quite good.

The Fall of Reach is the one where you learn how the Spartan program began, and you get to see John's abduction and transformation. It's also includes that fight between John and the 4 ODSTs mentioned on #huntthetruth. If you only have time to read one, that's the one to read.

ChrisChambers1361d ago

Well it looks like I got some reading to do. Thanks man

Dlacy13g1360d ago

Fall of reach is definitely good. There also was a Halo Legends book that was a collection of short stories that was excellent. In fact they have a short story that deals with encountering the flood for the first time that was insanely good.

spicelicka1361d ago

I've finished reading Halo Cryptum and currently going through the audiobook for Primordium. These are crazy deep books and they'll tell so much about the Forerunners, the politics, Ancillas, previous humans, Didact, Librarians, Composer, Flood, even the humans that fought Forerunners before they were devolved. Everything that led up to the firing of the rings.

It's slow but very detailed and if you put some time in you'll be more than satisfied. I find it easier to just listen to the audiobook while commuting to work, it keeps be engaged and makes the drive much easier.

I think the least you should do is read the synopsis/summary of the books so you know what's going on.

ChrisChambers1361d ago

I'll probably check these out first then. I like to read all I can in order (beginning to present day) as opposed to mixing things randomly in the timeline.

I've got plenty of time to read them but I might look into this audiobook business..Might keep me from punching the steering wheel while I sit in the inevitable traffic jams to and from work

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