Halo 5 Limited Collector's Edition Revealed

Today, UK retailer GAME have announced the Halo 5: Guardians limited collector's edition, and its exclusivity to GAME.

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-Foxtrot1364d ago


Limited Edition Game
An arsenal of additional content
A commemorative statue designed by 343 industries

God, Halo Reach had much more including a statue and it was only £130/£140.

Does "Limited Edition Game" mean you get the Limited Edition included along with the Steelbook because if there's no Steelbook in this I'll be pretty disappointed

gamer11381364d ago

Depends on what that statue is. If it's that master chief motorcycle helmet I'll be there day one!

-Foxtrot1364d ago

Thing is they've already did a Master Chief Statue for the MCC....I know she might not be in the game but a full on replica of Cortana would be sweet

DemonChicken1363d ago

arsenal of digital content =/

as a collector - I do like thi. Prefer more physical, and dat price tag.

SmielmaN1364d ago

It's $250 here in Canada and they haven't shown what the statue is yet.

OpieWinston1363d ago

I picture a statue as big as the Titanfall one which was 18".

If we see something that big with Blue team vs Team Locke.....Insta buy.

TheHaloGuy1363d ago

Oh dude Blue team statue??? I REALLY hope that's the case if soo my little Halo fan boy heart couldn't take it and I'd just have to pre order it today.

vallencer1363d ago

I think the statue will have both Locke and Master chief on it considering the advertising for the game.

secretcode1363d ago

It comes with the Steelbook version as well as all the Steelbook bonuses. $150+ for an additional statue is no surprise, given the current production costs and issues that higher-end companies are currently facing with their lines (such as Sideshow and Kotobukiya.)

otherZinc1363d ago

Pre-ordered 2 Limited Collection Editions at Best Buy a couple months back.

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Multiplatguy1364d ago

I would like to know what the statue looks like before dropping this kind of money. Are they keeping this for E3 or something?

ScorpiusX1364d ago

Can't wait to get mine, crazy thing I keep hearing it an 18in MC statue. Just wish I knew what posse it will have .

darrenb19881364d ago

Isnt there a Special Edition steelbook version?

Crispyleeks1363d ago

Yeah there is, I've mentioned it just at the end of the article and included an image of the steel book too! :)

TheCagyDies1364d ago

In America, It's the same price as the Titanfall collector's edition. A friggin' 18inch tall mech that barely fits on my shelf.

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