The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt — Everything you need to know

PCgamer:"The Witcher 3 is almost here, so for convenience, we've collected the most important details in one place. We'll keep this page updated with all the latest before and after release."

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ArchangelMike1365d ago

All I needed to know about The Witcher 3 was the release date. :)

...but yeah I forgot about the 16hrs of mo-capped sex scenes! 0.o

Shoddy Cast do a really good recap series for those who want to catch up on the lore.

Satyre281364d ago

Hey guys i really kinda need some information if some of you dont mind to help me out. First thing im very very interested in buying the witcher in May, been looking great. Other thing is ive never played a witcher game ever, hopefully that doesn't take away from my experience. Also i was a huge fan of Skyrim have hundreds of hours into it, can The Witcher relate to skyrim in anyway? Are there talent trees, crafting, etc? Also i always see physical combat with a sword in witcher, is there no magic in the game like how in Skyrim you could play a mage for example. Thanks in advance! You guys rock!

uncharted561364d ago

This is my personal opinion but I find the lore in the Dragon Age and Witcher series far more fleshed out and better then in Elder Scrolls series. Hopefully it shouldn't take away as devs have said that they will do a recap and you will be able to pick the game up and play without any previous knowledge. There are talent trees but they are not as expansive as Skyrim, remember that this is a more character driven game compared to skyrim but that said you can still if I am not mistaken invest in three or more different trees that alter your play style.You are a witcher, not a mage or a swordsman so you use both magic which are called signs and swords in combats including cross bows and bombs and traps and enhancing potions and stuff. There is also crafting and making potions and all that good rpg stuff including character customization to an extent.

Satyre281364d ago

Thanks man, really appreciate the information. Looking forward to the game, ive heard people say jumping into this one shouldnt cause any problems if the person hasnt played the previous titles. Hopefully that is true because it looks awesome!

WizzroSupreme1364d ago

All I need to know is whether the love scenes are gonna make me as weak in the knees as before...

kingmushroom1364d ago

i want to know how to speed up time so i can play this already damn it.

bloodybutcher1364d ago

All i want to know is, how to go back in time and read the books as a witcher virgin again...Just 15 years back.