Sony Releases PlayStation Sales Numbers

Sony releases offical sales numbers for June 2008. "PS3 Hardware Sales Exceed 311% Year-Over-Year"

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Real gamer 4 life3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

Yea i hope sony take a good look at the number and see what sells system. If they continue to deliver AAA quality software they will continue being rewarded with very nice numbers. in my opinion i think the next system seller for sony will be lpb and maybe socoom. I don't really think resistance will sell hardware cause the people that bough the first will be the same people that will buy the second one, i also think the same for gears of war.

Chad Warden3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

Sony needs to learn how to advertise ALL of their big exclusives like they did with MGS4. Uncharted, for example, deserved more sales. Same for Ratchet & Clank. They better give LBP, Naruto, Resistance 2, MotorStorm 2, and etc the treatment they deserve. They're already planning to do the same for InFamous.

Ps3Fanboy7773770d ago

Do you live in Vegas? If thats your picture in the avatar that is.

I disagree with the advertising, Microsoft goes off every game they have and it just becomes annoying. Although I guess it works.

crck3770d ago

Have to disagree with you there. Sony pushed Uncharted pretty hard during the Holidays. I saw lots of commercials for it. Its a great game but its 8-10 hours with no co-op or multiplayer. Hard to justify a $60 purchase for that. I'm sure plenty of people rented it like I did.

tweaker3770d ago

Chad Warden is YouTube's most hated PS3 fanboy. lol

Aclay3770d ago

Sony did advertise Uncharted Drakes Fortune a lot. Uncharted sold over a Million Units in just a few months, so it did very well.

Some people didn't buy Uncharted just because it was a Single Player game with no Multiplayer, but usually it's the Naughty Dog fans that end up buying Naughty Dog's Single Player games (like me).

Single Player games usually end up selling less than games with Multiplayer anyways. Once the price on Uncharted drops some, I'm pretty sure that more people will be getting it because whenever you see "Developed by Naughty Dog" on a game case, it's a damn good game.

Wolf8733770d ago

Some games are well worth it without the need to have Multiplayer. I just don't get why every game that comes out must also include Multiplayer option, it shouldn't be the defining point of the game, those are reserved for gameplay, story and presentation. Although Uncharted could have had that option, but its worth every dollar without it.

jaysquared3770d ago

Online MP is a must for me.. It helps extend the games life so after beating the SP you can hop on the online MP and it will be a whole new experience.. You can keep playing the SP of Uncharted to try and get the treasures but you already know the story where the enemy is going to pop up from so its not as fun as the first one..

superflyguy3770d ago

These chart numbers are rising higher than Gas Prices!

jollygoodchap83769d ago

Yep everyone needs multiplayer games tacked on at the very end as an after thought.

Ex. turok, darkness, timeshift, prey, condemned 2, etc...yeh, those MP games are filled people all the time /sarcasm

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Arsenal4Ever3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

The Playstation Network now as over 10 million registers there.

XBL just passed that number not so long ago.

I wonder which service is better?

I choose PSN, which one do you choose?

BlackTar3770d ago

But great month for SOny keep it rolling.

Does any one agree with me in saying fanboys cause more harm then good

theusedfake3770d ago

I totally agree.
bubbles for you, my friend.

ICUP3770d ago

I choose free service.

hanson5203770d ago

SONY Sales Exceed 311% Year-Over-Year
MS Sales Exceed -311% Year-Over-Year

KobeT243770d ago

Theres so definitive number? Worldwide sales were almost 13 million consoles back in March so I would like to see what their up too now.

deeznuts3770d ago

Just wait for the quarterly earnings release. It'll come by the end of this month or the middle of next. Just check:

ICUP3770d ago

Keep em games coming SONY!!!!!!!!.

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