Sony Predicts to Sell 16 Million PS4 Consoles in FY 2015, But Games' Income Will Slightly Decrease

Sony forecasted that 16 million PS4 units will be sold in Fiscal year 2015, but revenue and income of the game division will slightly decrease due to much lower PS3 sales.

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BitbyDeath1266d ago

Sounds like a pricecut will be incoming at E3 if they wish to achieve that.

ArchangelMike1266d ago

Sony are not going to do a price cut this Fical year. They have increased their sales estimates to 16 million at the current price point. There's no need for a price cut this year as the console is selling above expectations.

Moreover, it is more likely that Sony will cut the price of the standard PS4 model, when they announce the PS4 Slim model - at the standard price. That makes more business sense to be honest.

_-EDMIX-_1266d ago

Agreed. Many need to look at PS2, it sold really well and didn't get a price cut for some time due to that. I don't see PS4 getting a price cut as they currently don't need to.

I would be surprised if the did.

rainslacker1266d ago

I could see a price cut if MS does another one, but I'm skeptical that MS would do another one this year. In the meantime it ends up being a back-up for Sony to use should the X1 go down to $300.

Other than that, i could certainly see more aggressive bundles for the holidays.

There's also the off-chance that Sony may lower the price to increase sales, which would lower profits, but it would increase long term revenue from PS+ subscriptions and game software sales...which would make some sense since they are seeing a drop in PS3 sales.

freshslicepizza1266d ago

i personally think microsoft has a slim xbox one coming out for $299 at e3 but that gives sony a lot of time to counter before the holidays.

the ps3 is slowing down rapidly as the reason and vita too i imagine, which means either they make more money on the ps3 hardware than the ps4 or ps3 owners in the past bought more games than they expect ps4 owners to.

scientificreasoning1266d ago

Yes they are...sales are down yoy, to keep momentum and grow the userbase a price cut is obviously coming. No console has gone after its second year without one.

Transistor1266d ago

The PS2 had a price cut after 18 months irrc, the PS4 is in the same area currently. The PS2 received a $100 price cut, so will the PS4.

SourtreeDing1266d ago

i dont understand why people want a price cut... its selling well. when the sales sink the price cut will come

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hkgamer1266d ago

Need a counter plan to what ms is gonna do at e3. I pretty much convinced myself that ms is going to announce a slim edition. They officially dropped price in their 2 biggest markets, just seems like they want to get rid of old stock now.

For ps4, i dont thonk it would struggle to hit those numbers. Old gen gamers will need ro move on with less and less new games available to them.

Magicite1266d ago

You can get PS4 bundle with TLOU and silver headset for 400$ @ I think its a great deal even without price cut.

himdeel1266d ago

PS3 price cut will come before PS4 price cut.

otherZinc1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )


Absolutely. Especially with no AAA PS4 Exclusive Games releasing in the most important 4th Quarter later this year.

Most of your profits come from your AAA Exclusive in house developed games. Sony has zero of those exclusives lined up for the PS4 this holiday season.

extermin8or1265d ago

Uncharted 4 next spring and whatever is announced at E3 will compensate for any price drop....especially as an announcment of a first party AAA game due out by xmas seems likely...

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ArchangelMike1266d ago

It's a gret direction for Sony - I'm so glad that the company has decided to put it's muscle behind the Game and Network division. Glad that they can see the payoff so quickly and so clearly. They should have done this during the PS3 era - but I guess those were different times for the company.

Sony have learned the hard way that you have to put big bucks behind third party marketing - this was basically Microsofts primary strategy last gen. This time round however we see Sony backing the biggest third party releases - Destiny, Batman Arkham Knight, Star Wars: Battlefront etc etc

PS3 sales, as well as ps3 software will inevitable decline year on year from here on out. In fact after this year, I'll be surprised to see how many games will still be released for the last gen consoles. Just consider that Black Ops 3 is Next Gen only!!!

Damrock1266d ago

Not surprised really with the crazy then number of unfinished broken games that have been pushed out.

Increasing the amount of so called "DLC" for games don't help either, most people don't want to pay full cost twice to get the full experience.

There's a very very small amount of games that have come out that actually feel well made and complete so far this gen.

This is being said for both consoles.

TheLyonKing1266d ago

I have offically finished my thesis and projects and in one and a half weeks I will be done with uni and can finally catch up on the the games I have missed: bloodbourne, order, shadow of mordor, driveclub and I can finish KH 2.5

Why o why1266d ago

congrats on completing your studies....discipline

Letthewookiewin1266d ago

I wish I could play Bloodborne for the first time again. Good job on take care of biz! You deserve some game time!

Why o why1266d ago

Lol...i wish i could do my studies for the first time again

hkgamer1266d ago

As long as they keep the psn relevant then I guess the ps3 gamers will carry on buying games. Its a good time for them to compete with 2nd hand market prices for those games. Hopefully PS+ didn't devalue most of those games

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