Sony Sells 14.8 Million PS4 Units in Fiscal Year 2014, 3.3 Million Portable Consoles.

Sony announced the yearly sales for all the consoles it produces, while the company was in the red as a whole, the gaming division is in the black.

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JMaine5181271d ago

Congrats to Sony and PlayStation on the great sales. I'm predicting a price cut this year, maybe around E3.

lelo2play1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Almost 15 million PS4's in Fiscal Year 2014... that's quite good.

As for price cuts this year, I suspect both the PS4 and X1 will have them.

E3 this year is going to be interesting.

andresegr1271d ago

The Ps4 is selling amazingly well, if i were Sony i wouldn't cut the price of the console just yet, instead i would enhance the "good deal" feeling by throwing a 1TB HDD and a Free game with every console sold (standard). IMO.

bouzebbal1271d ago

if price cut it is, it's not before gamescom.. at the very earliest.
the thing sells like crazy and has no competition. why should they cut the price?
i think we'll see a price cut next year together with a smaller version PSfour.
Exciting times...

Sethry1011270d ago

Discounts generally come about when sales begin to decline. Sony are not really in a position where they need to discount.

A better business plan would be like mentioned above, to introduce a model with a bigger hard drive or a slim model. This would give the feeling of getting a good deal and would also give the possibility of selling a second PS4 to people who already have the launch model.

Letthewookiewin1270d ago

I'm calling an announcement of 30million PS4's by E3. Easy.

deadpoolio3161270d ago

Sony ain't gonna cut the price when its still selling like hotacakes well past 20 million total...Xbox one ain't gonna do another price cut either considering just to get it to sell 10 million they had to go from $500 to $350, The Xbox is as low as its going to get for quite some time

lelo2play1270d ago

Sony wants to sell 16m consoles in Fiscal Year 2015 and the only way they can do that is if they have a price cut. PS4 sales are slowing down, so without the price cut it won't even sell as much as 14.8m they sold in FY2014.

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Sethry1011270d ago

That would make very little business sense, Sony are not in a position where they need a hug boost in sales. Once we start to see a decline or a new model launch then you might see a discount on the original model.

Spinal1271d ago

Hmm I'm actually thinking about whether to sell my ps4 for now while it's still worth a lot. Seeing as I won't have anything to play on it until God of War 4 or Last of Us 2 which is at least a year an a half away from now.

Everything I play now is on my PC like Witcher 3 and Star Wars battlefront will be on my PC. The only console game I'm looking forward to this year is Halo 5. So my X1 will stick around for that.

If I offload my ps4 for now I'll definitely get it again in the future when there's more exclusives to play. And I mean exclusives I want to play. Uncharted just isn't one of em.

Unreal011271d ago

Those two games you mentioned aren't even a thing, they haven't even been announced. Why on earth did you buy a PS4 then, because it sounds like you never really wanted one. Unless this is just silly trolling.

ninsigma1271d ago

You know that would cost you more in the long run right??

Spinal1271d ago (Edited 1270d ago )


I bought a ps4 for Infamous second son an the last of us remastered. I enjoyed both games very much thank you. I also knew last of us 2 an God of war 4 would come to the platform as the reason many people buy consoles. The exclusives.

But right now I don't see what to keep it for at the mo since there's nothing in the next year an half that I want on it.

I haven't fully decided for now I'm holding on it. Maybe ps now would be good when it launches. But I just don't know.

TwoForce1270d ago

Why don't play Bloodborne ?

KirbysDump1270d ago

PS4 has bloodborne and that's it really, so yeah, sell it with the failed Silent Hill demo and make a quick buck

nosferatuzodd1270d ago

KirbysDump atleast ps4 has bloodborn name one taa game that drop for Xbox since this years started oh i forget they has none only time they have games its the end of the year and the other 10 months everyone eat crow

Orionsangel1270d ago

Wait till after E3. It's about a month away in June. They could announce amazing things. You'll regret it afterward

Germany71270d ago

You probably don't even have a PS4, nobody will waste the time to tell you about the exclusives that are coming.

kenshiro1001270d ago

Yes, sell your imaginary PS4.

You're really not fooling anyone.

JMyers1270d ago

Tearaway Unfolded, Until Dawn, Blooborne, Everybody's Gone to the Raptur... Nothing worth playing? Not to mention the countless top quality Indies? No Man Sky, if 2015?

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Manubiggs1271d ago

Price cut will only come if the sales are slowing down. With Battlefront coming this winter I find it very unlikely - it's still in the early phase of the console lifecycle.

Fuggum1270d ago

Slowing demand is only one reason to do a price cut. I could also see one happening to help Sony win a greater percentage of the market share. The earlier in a console's life cycle, the more profitable (software sales).

Magicite1271d ago

I think its given that PS4 will sell over 100m LTD even if next-gen starts early.

miyamoto1270d ago

SCEE's Fergal Gaara said they intend to broaden PS4 install base 1) via price cut & 2) via games for the whole family and younger gamers.
Its coming this holidays. Brace yourselves!

Revolver_X_1270d ago

I don't mind kids games as I grew up on Nintey and I own a Wii U. They just need to be more then a tech show piece like Knack was. An engaging platformer wouldn't hurt.

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Geobros1271d ago

Sony has simply won the current generation of home consoles.

Hoffmann1271d ago

Hehe @ the disagree guys that can't stand facts..

star_lancer1270d ago

What facts? The only fact is that we're only 20-25% through this generation. Remember how foolish Xbox fans looked early last generation when they said PS3 would never catch 360?

BeefCurtains1270d ago

I think they disagree, like myself, because we own X1's and they have provided excellent entertainment to us. So to say Sony "simply won" is way to generalized, and an overstatement.

MysticStrummer1270d ago

@star_lancer - The whole situation is different this generation.

Last gen - PS3 launched later at a higher price. It had stronger hardware but was harder to work with so most multi plats looked at least a little better on the 360 for the first few years. Despite these things, PS3 was outselling 360 pretty consistently from the moment it released and ended up having the more highly acclaimed game lineup overall.

This gen - PS4 launched at the same time as XB1, but at a cheaper price. It has stronger hardware that's easier to work with than XB1 so the multi plat advantage is all on the PS side now. Even though XB1's price has dropped and policies have changed to reflect what people complained about, PS4 continues to outsell XB1 very consistently, and as of this moment PS4 has more games, a higher rated game lineup, and more games on the horizon.

It's because of these facts that PS4 is easily winning and it's going to take a MS miracle combined with a Sony disaster to change that.

@BeefCurtains - So I guess it's accurate for some people to say Dreamcast won over PS2? I mean I see what you're saying there but if you want to get all subjective there's no point in talking about it in the first place. Console generation "winners" have always been determined by sales.

BeefCurtains1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )


I also see what you are saying, so if we are going off of sales to determine the winner, then his statement would more accurately be "sony is currently winning the console war", since we can't know for sure the total number of units sold until the generation is over.

As far as my original statement, some people would agree that dream cast was the better system for them. Ps2 was my system of choice, therefore my "winner". The whole console war is subjective, but we all talk it to death anyways. But for someone to disagree with a comment like, " I enjoy my X1", well clearly we are dealing with a whole other side of fanboys that are about as sharp as marbles.

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RGB1270d ago

They sold 2.1 million consoles in 30 days, no doubt both big exclusives were massive system sellers.

star_lancer1270d ago

Predicting victory after 18 months is awfully premature. Sony is certainly in the best position, but 75% of this generation still has to play out. That's like celebrating a win in the third inning of a baseball game.

Revolver_X_1270d ago

Well when one team has double the score, nothings gonna help short of drafting Lebron James and Micheal Jordan.

georgenancy1271d ago

still waiting for the inevitable e3 price cut before getting one

PhoenixUp1271d ago

Just give us hard numbers about how much PS3 sold

wodan1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

From the article:
We also learn that Sony sold 14.8 million PS4 units during the fiscal year, included in 17.9 million home consoles. 3.3 million portable consoles were also sold.

so 17.9 - 14.8 = 3.1 PS3 well that's what i figured.

PhoenixUp1270d ago

I mean how much PS3 has sold in total lifetime