Darksiders: Wrath of War hands-on at E3

Gameplanet's maniacal E3 team actually managed to sit down for long enough to play Darksiders: Wrath of War!

Darksiders: Wrath of War begins as the world ends. You play as "War" - the beefy Horseman of the Apocalypse - and we got our grubby little hands on Vigil Games' action platformer. All isn't death and destruction for our Horseman, however. After a brief go at a fully powered War, things grind to a halt. He's implicated in some sort of false Apocalypse plot, and War gets sent back to find the truth - or else. Minus his powers, of course.

Although the game is still in its early build stages, Vigil emphasized character control and movement first. Whilst War is a big hulking brute of an er ... "corporeal entity of the apocalypse", he has great agility, can double jump, pull off cool looking dodges, perform light/heavy attack combinations, perform air attacks, and grapple. Vigil Games called War the ultimate hybrid of a barbarian and ninja.
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We caught the demo partway into a corrupted cathedral. By this time, War already possesses something called a Tempest Cloak, which lets our bulky equestrian doom-bringer sprout wings and glide for short periods. We all know what that's for: to let you access levels you previously couldn't get to. Which is handy because in the demo, two giant flying creatures never got the memo about the cancelled apocalypse and are still slugging it out. Which not only open up a suspiciously wide chasm you need to get over, but also reveal some demonic flying demons.

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