Why I'm Terrified to Play Bloodborne

Marcus Estrada writes: "A culture of masochistic gamers has cropped up around Bloodborne and it feels impenetrable. Even if I did enter into the circle, what would I find? Everything sounds so cryptic from the outside, and at this point in time I’m not looking to delve into a game’s lore simply to enjoy it. Of course, getting taught about the world is still meaningless without the ability to actually play the damn game. There’s no doubt that, given enough sweat and stress, I’d be able to grasp gameplay concepts and get somewhere in Bloodborne. Does that mean I’d beat it? No, but I recognize the potential of learning from mistakes and studying them to do well."

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stuna11360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

I agree with your whole write up of the game. It's actually comforting to hear someone share the same views of the game as me.

One feeling I just can't seem to shake is that weird feeling I get in the pit of my stomach! It's uncomfortable almost painful especially when entering an area I haven't been to before. I still find myself jumping in areas that I have pretty much memorized the enemies patterns. But it's a rewarding experience too. As well as a game that's easy to get sucked into.

The challenge I mostly have with BloodBorne.....Is putting it down.

UKmilitia1360d ago

1st 30 mins to hour i wanted to smash up my console and projector.

then once figured out shortcuts and lamps it because the best game i played this year and close to since i had ps4 (at launch).
The feeling going into a new area was a panic at times,wondering what was there etc,i think catherdal ward was one of my jumpiest areas because the size of some of them.
i also found the little guys in amror scary for soem reason,just any second waiting for them to attack haha

MasterCornholio1360d ago

This is the type of game where you have to be patient and take your time with it. People expecting to be given everything from the beginning will be severely dissapointed. This game makes you work for success and doesn't give it to you.

Alexander1Nevermind1360d ago

If one has never played a Souls game then the game could seem next to impossible. Patience is a necessity. Also have to watch and learn patterns and learn from inevitable mistakes.

KyRo1360d ago

I was terrified too when I bought not having played any of the Souls series and when I continuously got killed by the first boss and debated trading it in for MKX but eventually after the millionth time I beat him and since then the game becomes a hell of a lot easier. I haven't struggled with a boss since him and if I did find myself getting slaughtered or inpatient with a boss, you have the option to use the beckoning bell for a helping hand.

I think I'm now nearing the end of my first play through and can see myself giving it another go too. Just stick with it.

swize1360d ago

what ?, the best moments in bloodborne are when you just beat a boss and a new area unlocks and you traverse the unknown for the first time , clutching the controller tightly and anticipating the oncoming onslaught . Then its back to square one .

stuna11360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

Yesterday I beat the "Blood Hungry Beast", I would almost call it luck! Just as I was dealing her the finishing blow, the blood red words " You have died!" pop up on the screen! I was so busy running from her wide slashes, that I had totally forgot she had afflicted me with the slow poisoning status ailment. So I died right along with her lol.

chrisx1360d ago

I actually understand what the writer points out,I've felt that way too...but once u get into bloodborne u can't stop. Over 100hrs alrdy. Yikes

Elda1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

I was as well intimidated to play Bloodborne because of the Soul games being very difficult but I was interested from watching certain gameplay vids & trailers also me being a hack n slash fan.I have only 2 bosses to go before finishing the game & ready to try the chalice dungeons before ending the game.The game is intriguing & addictive though it sometimes punish you,but that's because it's not a traditional h&s game going in with that mindset will get you slaughtered & you learn from your mistakes of dying.I really hope there's a Bloodborne-2 in the future.

robtion1359d ago

Don't worry about chalice dungeons you can play them any time after finishing the game. The game does not end it just goes to NG+ which ups the difficulty but also the rewards. Chalice dungeons stay the same though so are no more difficult.

joab7771360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

I felt that way w/ Dark Souls at first. It was the 1st From game I played. And after hearing for a couple yrs about DemS and DS, I was a bit worried. But I had to try b/c I had wanted to for a long time.

At first, yeah, it was tough, getting used to playing for an hr, only to lose everything and wonder, how the hell am I gonna do this? Then, once I learned that everything could be earned again, I stopped worrying about dying and starting focusing and strategy, and everything else.

Fast forward through DemS, DS2, and BB...and I have no idea how I'm gonna kill the Abhorrent beast in Lower Loran lol! But I love it, and I will beat it...b/c I've been in this position so many times before. And everytime, I've come out on top...even when I was convinced it was impossible.

Perjoss1360d ago

My teenager reflexes left the building more than 20 years ago, and I was never a skilled gamer to begin with. I'll admit that my first few hours with Bloodborne were tough, but once I figured out the parrying and dodging the game actually takes on a perfectly normal difficulty level. There are a coulple of bosses that feel a bit cheap but they are optional.

I think a common mistake that most people make is they try to kill everything at all times. If you're just looking for the location of a shortcut or lamp then its fine to run past things just to get an idea of the layout of an area. Enemies dont chase you for long so you can easily skip areas that you're not enjoying for whatever reason.

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