Sony To Miss Out On Spore Origins

EA, the publisher who shot to number one on the sales charts with nothing more than a Creature Creator design tool, has announced Spore Origins across a multitude of mobile platforms except for Sony, with no other console version of Spore planned except the Wii.

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Montrealien3748d ago

That's to bad, game looks great. Good thing I got a PC for this sucker.

Surfman3748d ago

Hard to believe, its from "gamership" lol

Coltrain3748d ago

Okay, easy on, hehe. I've included a full story link in the header back at GamerChip so you can see the orginal article. I've even avoided any sensationalism about console versions so the fanboys wouldn't explode... thought i'd caused enough of that already!

Surfman3748d ago

You're from Gamership and the guy who posted this article i am right? Post the right things and we'll approve. That's why i said "its from gamerchip" and im not wrong.

PSP to miss Spore, and not Sony.

decapitator3748d ago

Except PSP and NOT PS3. Not that it matters anyway since LittlebigPlanet psp is coming soon as well.

NO_PUDding3748d ago

PS3/PS2/PS did fine without Sims and Sim City....

DaChinPin3747d ago

Where did you see that? The only rumor I saw was being able to remote play it from your PS3 through the PSP...Nothing else.

CyberSentinel3748d ago

Some of us gamers prefer to play games on a mature portable hand held system.

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The story is too old to be commented.