What Is The Best Season Pass You’ve Ever Bought?

"A Season Pass in the writer's eyes, should be a VIP service for gamers who take the extra plunge. This should include: Discounted Content, with everything to release post-game launch. Some companies get that, while others continue to nickel-and-dime outside of their bundles." -Play Legit

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Hellsvacancy1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

BF4 Premium, you may think *what? you're a fool*

I bought BF4 premium for £10.99, it was on offer on the PSN ages ago, no way was I ever going to pay £12.99 for a single map pack

All 5 map packs for £10.99 was a bargain

bacrec11268d ago

That's an awesome deal.

mattdillahunty1268d ago

Borderlands 2 for me. i technically didn't buy it as a season pass, i bought a combo off amazon that had the first two games and all the DLC. and it was super cheap, $22 for both games, all the DLC for the first game, and the original season pass DLC for the second game.

just checked my Steam library, and i have 488 hours played across both games. for $22, that is legendary value.

Yi-Long1268d ago

I did the same thing: Skipped buying Battlefield 4 when it came out, because of all the DLC, then picked it up last fall or something for 40 euro complete with the Premium Season Pass.

Great value for money. Very glad I waited to buy the complete package. Still play it regularly.

RealFry1268d ago

BF4 premium was my first Seasons pass, ever. Pretty good value for what it is, even preferring to play on it then hardline.

snake-OO1268d ago

I just bought Batman Arkham Knight and the season pass for £25 off CDkeys for steam. Now thats a bargain. And the games not even yet.

slappy5081267d ago

Thanks for the heads up, I just did the same. $35 for the full game that will cost 100$ at launch? Yes please!

LackTrue4K1268d ago

no joke, most last gen season passes are better then any offered this gen.....

CaptainObvious8781268d ago

I just saw the new COD season pass on the Australian PSN store for $65....

BS doesn't even come close to beginning to describe that price. How mentally handicapped does my Aussie brethren need to be to bend over and accept that price for a game that doesn't even come out until half a year that we know very little about?

N4g_null1267d ago

Best deal ever any pc game with mod support!

joab7771267d ago

Bioshock Infinite cuz Bioshock is one of my favorite IPs. I think it's the only one I bought that I actually played. Thats why I stopped.

Destiny's wasn't bad b/c of the amount of time you will spend on it. That said, had I bought it, I wouldn't have played it wither, but all my friends have and they have more than got their money's worth.

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ZaWarudo1268d ago

Borderlands 2...

When it was on sale! bwahahahaha! $15 for that.

DarkOcelet1268d ago

The Evil Within Season Passty is pretty solid. You get 7-8 Julie Kidman's dlc and The Keeper dlc so thats great.

ziggurcat1268d ago

the R* season passes are always a good deal because they always put a lot of effort into their DLC content.

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