Driveclub: 60 Screenshots Showcase New Cars and Liveries: American Muscle vs European Class on PS4

The new DLC packs released today for Driveclub finally added some much needed real American muscle cars to the game, on top of new liveries and tours.

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Yi-Long1268d ago

The game is great, and I've been playing it regularly ever since I got it a few months ago (22,50€ in EU PS Store), but I really hope they'll add a bunch of Japanese cars, both classics and new, as well as (a) new location(s).

It would be great to see these developers create a big Rally-expansion or something for this game, with a few new gorgeous locations with multiple rally-tracks and a bunch of fun cars to ride.

Also, a bike-pack would be nice as well.

Nio-Nai1268d ago

I own it, don't buy it, littered with DLC..

HellzAssassin1268d ago

I beg to differ. I love the support this game has, and $25 for the season pass gets you ALL the DLC. There's just so much to receive with $25. It's actually the only season pass worth the money IMO.

Nio-Nai1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

I shouldn't have to pay an addition $25 when the game only had two cups you can compete in and a handful of cars.

The amount of content you get in this game for the initial price is ridiculous and should contain all of the content. There are more than 5 times the amount of cups in DLC then in the actual game, and nearly twice as many cars.

At least GT gives you a but load of cars and tracks.

sizeofyou1268d ago

Friend of mine still plays it without the season pass. There's been an advertised amount of free content (and more), the offline has always been great, the online is great since the launch debacle and he's perfectly happy with the content that he paid full price for. I have the season pass and agree with HellzAssassin. Littered with DLC is a general term applicable to all games of today - and implies you have to buy your way to success. You don't. It's a great game. BTW - be interesting to see whether DLC plays a big part in assume it's going to be the same package as before...

Nio-Nai1268d ago

Considering that some of those DLC cars are stupid fast compared to the stock ones, yes it is buy your way to success.

sizeofyou1268d ago

No it's not! You race in classes - and you race against what you have available in the game at the time. So you aren't racing stupid fast cars. It's a tough game but it's not one that needs premium DLC to enjoy!

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ravens521268d ago

Really good and challenging racing game.Very fun as well.

windblowsagain1268d ago

The game is excellent.

Yes it should have had more cars etc.

But more have been given out for free, some of the DLC was given for free and the weather update was sweet.

At the end of the day this game was slagged off and as a result would not have the sales it should have got. DLC adds money and the dev adds more content.

The game is so cheap and it's worth having regardless.

I do want more tracks, locations added.

GMW1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

The new cars are nice. I'm still to really drive them all and compare. Though straight off the Dodge Charger SRT8 is very photogenic. I'm taking pics of that one currently. However, overall, I really like the Ferrari La Ferrari...

so I picked up a Matte White colour for it and set off.....

so I drove it a LOT!!!.....

then it got dark and I called it a night....

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