Project CARS 60fps PS4 gameplay: taming the Formula Rookie at Donnington

VVV: "Despite having to handle such a large grid of AI cars, the PS4 managed to cope under the strain even after a chaotic first corner pileup, retaining a smooth 60fps throughout. 60fps may not be very common in console games, but it could well be very difficult to go back once you've experienced the fluidity in Project CARS."

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herbs1319d ago

What do you know a bunch of amateur gamers going on about their okish DriveClub, a game designed soley around screenshots and marketing. The amateurs then go on to compare seperate racing genres with completely different goals in mind. Classic amateur Sony gamers...

pwnsause_returns1319d ago

the hell are you ranting about?

Forn1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

Wooow, the physics look like complete poop... Seems like quite a clunky mess to me. I'll just keep playing Driveclub until a new GT comes out on PS4.

Forn1320d ago

Okay seriously, check out 0:33 and honestly disagree with me. Smh.

LifeInNZ1319d ago

Damage and physics must be turned off/down. wait for reviews.

MrRet1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

are you serious? pcars is far more superior in terms of physics/damage than gt, driveclub or forza.

DialgaMarine1320d ago

This game really isn't that impressive... For the longest time, PC fans kept hyping this up as the second coming of christ, and I really just don't see it. The physics are bouncy and crap looking, the cars look like they're hovering on a perfectly smooth surface without any sort of friction, the environments look empty and flat, and the game doesn't seem very fun. It might be 60 FPS, but DriveClub blows this out of the water.

ONESHOTV21320d ago

yeah it is a good game but it looks like you wont be able to see it at it's fullest stop complaining like it was PC users who told you to buy a console. i'm sure you can have bought if you are working now get to it.

Nio-Nai1320d ago

Yea, totally, the fact of the number of cars on screen, plus 60fps.

Better then 12 cars and 30fps.

ThanatosDMC1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

Odd how the car didnt bounce or make any movement when hitting the curb, but the car/screen shakes in cockpit view. Floating cars?

gameboy11319d ago

I agree on ps4 cars are floaty ??

Mikeockizard1320d ago

Yeah, the more I see of this the less pumped I am. I was really debating between this and the Witcher 3, but these videos have really sealed the deal in favor of TW3. The 60 FPS is nice, but the visuals are really hit or miss. Some screens in the rain look really good, but most times and weathers look pretty bland. Cars look pretty decent, but environments are really bad. I've seen entire grandstands and skyscrapers "pop in" to view as drivers turn a corner. Unacceptable.

On top of that, the physics look worse than all the last gen sim racers I have played. The crash and vehicle interaction physics make it look like the cars are cardboard toys bouncy around and losing all momentum. I saw this crap over a year ago and figured they could figure it out with millions of dollars of upfront money....apparently that was too much to ask. Even the road contact and tire grip looks wonky and floaty as hell.

Most frustrating, the game doesn't even allow for any kind of aftermarket parts or vehicle modification (other than maybe color, I haven't heard official word on whether you can paint your car or not). It's also lacking any rally which is a big bummer for those of us who fans. Sorry guys, but after years of pumping this up as the "ultimate car game" and "the best sim racer of all time", I think we going to end up with a decent GT/Forza clone that excels in a couple areas, but drops the ball in just as many.

TheBrownBandito1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

A few points:

1. He's using a controller.
2. All assists are off.
3. You're concentrating on the car not the horizon.
4. You've obviously never driven a real Formula Ford. They handle like they are on ice to first time drivers.
5. You've obviously never been to Donnington.

Some tracks have excellent environments. Go to the Team VVV website and look at the different videos on PS4 & Xbone. The tracks look pretty accurately recreated in my experience (at least of the British circuits). I work at SIlverstone regularly and Snetterton, Brands Hatch and Oulton Park all look as I remember them. Donnington has no imposing "background". This is a very good representation of the visual horizon there.

If this game is so abhorrent to you, move along. Don't spread subjectively ill judged misinformation.

hiredhelp1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

Well said buddy oh this whole rain on the screen is better too and realistic as it is dynamic why dont you get into a car video what you see on heavy rainy day look at vids again.. You notice driveclub has same pattern over again P,C does not.
Slighmad studios not trying to Be GT There simply trying create a great racing Sim.
There plenty others on PC that just as good too.

gameboy11319d ago

Yes it looks ropey on ps4 i think it will fail bad it's all hype the game in all previews has not impessed so that's that they have almost done away with the physics from pc in order to hit 60fps ?? 60fps means squat with floaty cars and very little physics ?