How Blizzard Totally Screwed D3

How Blizzard must save Diablo III from World of WarCraft. Will the success of WoW's massively friendly graphics and gameplay influence Blizzard's artistic direction of Diablo III? Early screenshots of D3 remind many of World of WarCraft. It looks like Blizzard has to save its latest big franchise release from its last one.

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Obama3746d ago

I think d3 looks really good...and I am a big fan of d2.

Ghoul3746d ago

Oh please, what a lame and whiney "article".

if you really really feel you have any right in the world to demand an artist to change HIS vision of something, go sign a petition. ...

the d3 style change petition is probably the all time low of the gaming community.

JsonHenry3746d ago

So the author has played D3 from start to finish? He knows it completely messed up?

While I agree I would have preferred a more "realistic" look and feel. I think the new art direction looks really good too.

Alexander Roy3746d ago

It's incredible how many people say the game is a failure... it isn't even out yet FFS!
Do not, never ever, judge a game from somthing you see so early on.

Besides, if it looks similar to WoW, this might give the advantage of very forgiving system requirements, which in return means more people are able to play/enjoy it. The color thing can be changed, all it needs is an additional shader at best and I'm sure someone will find a way to mod it to look darker, grittier within days after release.

ErBarad3746d ago

We've seen merely 20 minutes of gameplay, and people are already whinig how bad the game looks. That's sick.

Tyrael3746d ago

I don't think they screwed up the graphics and art direction, but I wouldn't disagree with a grittier and darker tone to what I see on screen....

Perkel3746d ago

did everyone played D2 & D1 ? Did you love them ? Did you played it about 200-600h or more (I about 4 years Battlenet rulz ^^ ) ?

Let Diablo be Diablo and let WoW be WoW. Why they can't do normal armors like in 2 & 1 ? Megalomania ? :> Why they can't stylize it like 2,1 greys red blue green black ? Diablo have a unique theme without it, it will be next WoW :/

s*it wtf with this armor ? :> O.O

Baka-akaB3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

I actually wonder if you played D1 and 2 ... given how bright d2 looked compared to d1 .

I also wish Wow looked like d3 ... it would actually look gritty in places it needs to be , and bright gasp under the light!!

Besides "true diablo" players werent attracted entirely if at all by just graphics ...

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