You Can Playtest Tom Clancy's The Division; Possible Sign of a Beta

Ubisoft Massive is looking for playtesters, pointing towards a genuine interest in fully testing the game before its release.

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jv19911293d ago

I would love to play the beta. I cant wait for the game itself

Chevalier1293d ago

We're giving betas with pre-order at EB Games.

DLConspiracy1293d ago

I wish I lived in Sweden to play test this.

Skate-AK1293d ago

With a game like this, they really do need a beta. Ubisoft hasn't made something like this before.

gz19871293d ago

OMG i hope i can test the game! i cant wait for this game. I just hope it doesnt get delayed.

PiNkFaIrYbOi1293d ago

We would prefer it get delayed instead of at release it is a buggy mess as so many games tend to be of the past couple of years or so.

ERFO1293d ago

Registered for THAT shit. How would it work though? I only have xbone. Would they hook me up with a Download via xbox live or would I need a PC to run it?

USMC431293d ago

You got a link for that beta?

ERFO1293d ago

I followed the one below the youtube posting.