Games that have ruined entire genres for me

Monotone Critic writes:

As I sit here wishing I could enjoy the turn-based Final Fantasy games and Final Fantasy XIV (the MMO), I’ve finally come to the realization that other games in those same genres have simply ruined the genre for me, preventing me from liking anything that fails to top those games I’ve sat so high on a pedestal. Heck, even the entire Souls series has pretty much ruined action RPGs for me, without even specifically being within that genre itself. On one hand, I would probably have a larger library of games I actually enjoy if not for those games that have set the bar so high, but on the other hand, those games aren’t at fault for being exactly what I prefer when I search for a game in their particular genre.

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KryptoniteTail1359d ago

Yeah, FF needs to return to its roots. A lot series should.

Hoffmann1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )


Mortal Kombat did it with MK9 back in 2011 where they went back both story and gameplay wise to the classic MK games and it was a super success for them and us players too.

FF totally needs to return to its roots and also other series like Tekken and at least partially Tomb Raider.
Also Saints Row and the WWE wrestling games. Its no wonder that people still name Smackdown: Here Comes The Pain from 2003 the best part so far. More action and less "simulation" works better in wrestling games.

Menkyo1359d ago

So much this ^^^^ it seems FF is doing what a lot of games are trying to do these days, be a jack of all trades but master if none. If they just stick to what they do best people will buy it. You can innovate with out sitting the fence or changing the whole feel of your game.

KryptoniteTail1359d ago

I 100% agree. Extreme loyalists and casual noobs alike defend it against any and all criticism, but the reality is FFXV's not a true mainline Final Fantasy title, it should have stayed a spinoff and I wouldn't care. I say I hate it but it's frustration, honestly, it looks pretty cool. Spinoffs are (were) a chance to experiment, and I almost always liked them and all mainline titles (not XI,, XII or XIV).

I just wish Square would go back to the PS1 days, man.