411 mania: Too Human (Xbox 360) Preview

Rod Oracheski from 411mania says..

"Silicon Knights' Too Human is an Action/RPG title, but it's one with a difference. Where most mixed-genre titles have one solid primary genre, barely skirting the outer fringes of the other, Too Human promises to venture deep into both territories."

"From my hands-on time with Too Human, exploring the skill trees of each class and getting the hang of the combat, I'm looking forward to seeing what the finished product has in store. I was surprised to find the combat far more engaging than I'd initially expected, and I can see how it draws comparisons to Geometry Wars. The loot system is surprisingly deep, and I only learned of the crafting system a short time before getting hands-on time, so that was a pleasant surprise as well."

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power of Green 5613d ago (Edited 5613d ago )

Its strange how you play this for the first time not sure about it but the second or third time you play it; you all of a sudden *get* the game and it HITS YOU LIKE A TRUCK.

It's very enjoyable leaves you satisfied then has you craving more wanting more.

Solid RGG-ish gameplay cought between live action with a hint of canned turnbased gameplay more action than turnbase in the true sense but you basically controll the canned animation in real time as an action game.

Friggin story plays like a Movie and has depth like the great ones at that.

Love the humor in the story had me laughing in this short demo. There was alot of thought that went into this game's story to make it enjoyable, the charactor have surprizingly well thought out personalities(Freya and one of the Witch trio crack me up their relationship has a tense quality to it).

I want it bad.

Montrealien5613d ago

I agree, I want this game and am enjoying the Demo very much, the class unlock glitch made me enjoy it even more. Day one purchase for me.

thor5613d ago

Yep first previews seemed overly harsh, I can see it's not perfect but addictive and fun it is.

GiantEnemyCrab5613d ago

I was very unsure about this title but after the demo I am sold. I have played it probably 5 times since I downloaded it. While people complained about the right stick combat I actually really like it. I hope the game does well, it's been slammed so much I think it might have disappointing sales.

Montrealien: What is the class glitch you speak of? I'd love to try the others.

IQUITN4G5613d ago

Iv'e played the demo countless times now and it gets better each time.

Don't be so quick to judge this

Rofflecopter5613d ago

after playing it numerous times, i disagree. (no, im not one of your disagrees up top..) I didnt enjoy the camera, didnt enjoy the right stick, but i do believe the story will be good. To be completely honest, i think the only reason that this game has any hype is because of the fact that it is an Xbox exclusive. Basically, after i downloaded the demo, i was left with a very Haze-like taste in my mouth.

thenickel5613d ago

I'm going to have to agree with #1. Everytime I play this game I like it more and more each time and can already see the multiplayer being a big bonus.

ozsman5613d ago (Edited 5613d ago )

i agree. This is one of the few demos that i've played many times over.

mesh15613d ago

ive played the demo 5 times on champion and just found out how to unlock all characters haha this game is very good nothing any 1 will say will change my mind expecially sony fans immitating 360 owner

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IQUITN4G5613d ago (Edited 5613d ago )

Yes those that go by first impressions will be missing out

Very rarely do i want to play a demo over and over but that's exactly what iv'e done here.Iv'e played it some 8 times now and it gets better each time.

Initially you wont be sure if you like Too Human but there is enough of something from the first play of this demo that compels you to go back and to it all again

I very much doubt the final game will be bad but going by how people are quick to judge, i expect this to do only reasonably well.A shame then as it's rather excellent

Dark SeRaNADE5613d ago (Edited 5613d ago )

Class glitch was to unplug ur xbox live so ur not connected, change the date to 2009 and when u start up the demo, it allows you to play as the other classes! demo was bloody great in my opinion, hordes of enemys launching rockets that when exploded showed an impressive flare! :D grahpics are Sweet! gameplay is great (rightstick was awkward at first) Defo worth the buy!

hope that helped btw!

Oops and forgt to mention that do not replug in the Xbox live wire, it will set ur date back to the real date! :)

Superfragilistic5613d ago (Edited 5613d ago )

Just disconnect from Live, no need to pull modem out! lol

And the game is great, but the classes thing is not a glitch it was a deliberate marketing move by Silicon Knights to insert Easter Eggs.

They are built in time release capsules. The demo is set to release the Berserker on 7/25/08 and the Commando on 8/12/08. Check it out for yourself if you don't believe me.

I'm not sure about the other two though. But if you want to play as a defender or bio (personal fave), you need to go to them in selection screen, rapidly tap A and then once at full speed simultaneously tap let or right on the left thumbstick! :)

Very cool marketing tool that I haven't seen in a game since the old school PC days. It's got me blowing up the statues and ice trying to figure out if there's an Easter Egg for Co-op! lol

TheXgamerLive5613d ago

You know having a trio of Too Human games planned, that this will be a very well backed game that's rich w/new content.

It does grow on you and becomes addictive.