Brief Gameplay Footage Of Horror Game Kodoku Released By Carnivore Studio

Back in November 2013 Carnivore Studio unveiled Kodoku, a horror title centred around Japanese folklore that would be releasing on PS4 & Vita.

Since that reveal the studio has been incredibly quiet about the game, with almost no information released in 2014.

That silence was broken today as the first look at Kodoku’s gameplay was released on Carnivore Studio’s site.

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Kyosuke_Sanada3374d ago

I love it so far. Great original character design and if the girl is proof of what monsters we'll see, I'll have high hopes. The animation for movement is a little bit choppy however.

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immoracle3374d ago

Silent Hills... Sorry, I'm still in mourning.

Haseo1063374d ago

Wow. Love the art! I will pre-order it as soon as it's available on PSN.

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TGG_overlord2979d ago

Nice list =) More horror games to the people ;)

PersonMan2979d ago

So, is Silent Hill gone forever?

PygmelionHunter2979d ago

Silent Hill, no.

Silent HILLS by Kojima and Del Toro, yes. I suppose Konami will now attemp to copy some of the ideas for the next SH game, but what was potentially the best horror game to come out this year is forever lost to gamers' memories.

Kemo_Spear2979d ago

I am so glad I have it saved on my PS4!!!
That is one game that will NEVER get deleted.

PersonMan2978d ago

As long as you backup your PS4, you can restore from the backup and still keep P.T. I've done it.

I swapped out my 750GB drive for a 2TB drive and I still have P.T.

opinionated2979d ago

That headline picture looks dope! Then I watched the trailer and was disappointed... I'm not liking how the horror genre has become a walking simulator factory. Where is condemned, fear, resident evil, silent hill?

I absolutely love until dawn, I liked soma and outlast 2 looks interesting but I want horror with gameplay! Enough with the hiding!

Adrian_v012978d ago

Most horror games nowadays are the same, relying on jump scares or defenseless running away from something. What happened to creating a horror atmosphere? Silent Hills seemed to bring that back but it was scrapped :/

Kyosuke_Sanada2979d ago

I remember hearing of Kodoku and Routine a long while back. The artwork in Kodoku looks absolutely amazing but I was a little worried of the the gameplay which showed some animation problems bust nothing that cant be changed later.
I am still hyped for Routine even though they have remained silent for so long. The gameplay trailer has me absolutely sold.


Upcoming PS4, PS Vita Game Kodoku Finds Horror In The Ghosts Of Japanese Mythology

You’ll need to explore an abandoned island that is haunted by the ghosts of Japanese mythology in this survival horror game.

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Articuno763371d ago

Literally never heard of this until now. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

VRex73621d ago

Looks like a great list, I don't own a Vita because I didn't feel there were enough games to warrant having one but this looks like a fun line up

TapperDD3621d ago

The Vita has a HUGE lineup. If they stopped making games for it right now I would be good for the next 5 years. LOL!

- People That DON'T Own a Vita: Where are the games?"
- People That DO Own A Vita: "There are too many games!"

nick47613621d ago

The Vita is perfect for people who like RPGs and indie titles. There are so many really fun RPGs on there and indies love the Vita.

3-4-53621d ago

I like RPG's but there isn't a good variety of RPG's on the Vita. Love my Vita, but I wish there were more games that appealed to me.

* I'd rather have a generic sword guy main character as opposed to a female in a skirt with huge boobs.

I Get/understand it, but that doesn't really get me wanting to play a game more.

The thing is, I really like the art styles in a lot of those games, but the characters just don't appeal to me in any way.

TapperDD3621d ago

Here are some games to look into. For now and later. Also, check out all the digital games on PSN. SOOOO much goodness on there too.

- Persona 4: Golden
- Y's Memories of Celceta
- Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment
- Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited
- Final Fantasy X/X2 HD

- Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines
- Freedom Wars
- Tales of Hearts R

bangoskank3621d ago

Actually the 3DS is perfect for people who love rpg's. I regret buying a Vita because I love rpg's and wish I could play Bravely Default.

Whxian3621d ago

3ds has some jrpgs like bravely default that you mention and maybe 1-2 other games that would be of interest to jrpg players, but in the end unless you enjoy games like mario or games aimed at children, you will end up with very few games of interest.

vita just needs to get more "normal" jrpgs, which might happen since it's doing alot better in japan, although for bravely default you will probably need a 3ds either way, so you might want consider buying a used 3ds.