Brief Gameplay Footage Of Horror Game Kodoku Released By Carnivore Studio

Back in November 2013 Carnivore Studio unveiled Kodoku, a horror title centred around Japanese folklore that would be releasing on PS4 & Vita.

Since that reveal the studio has been incredibly quiet about the game, with almost no information released in 2014.

That silence was broken today as the first look at Kodoku’s gameplay was released on Carnivore Studio’s site.

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Kyosuke_Sanada1358d ago

I love it so far. Great original character design and if the girl is proof of what monsters we'll see, I'll have high hopes. The animation for movement is a little bit choppy however.

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oasdada1358d ago

Potential if done right

immoracle1358d ago

Silent Hills... Sorry, I'm still in mourning.

Haseo1061358d ago

Wow. Love the art! I will pre-order it as soon as it's available on PSN.

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