New Tactical Shooter Officially Announced for PS Vita and PS4

A brand new shooter has officially been announced for the PS Vita and PS4 systems.

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KryptoniteTail1266d ago

My eyes bounced around and made me think a nnew Vita was announced... =[

3-4-51265d ago

* Why do all those characters look the same ?

blackblades1265d ago

Because there in there uniforms just like all soldiers on real life.

spok221265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )


skulz71266d ago

That's a strange name...

OB1Biker1265d ago

yep that looks like a nice game for my Vita

PR_FROM_OHIO1265d ago

Sorry SONY but the only tactical shooter PS fans want is SOCOM please bring it back! lol

andibandit1265d ago

Is this a port of the PC version released a year ago?.

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