Far Cry 4 Dev Raising Money for Nepal Earthquake Relief

Far Cry 4 developer Ubisoft Montreal has launched a new campaign to help support the ongoing relief effort in Nepal.

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Saints941271d ago

Good for them. Now lets see how many will turn this into a bad thing and don't donate themselves.

micx1271d ago

This should be especially close to them since Far Cry 4 was set in Nepal.
Any good cause is a good cause, there's no point in denying.

TheJacksonRGN1271d ago

It is many of the developers know people over there as well. It was mentioned in the stream today.

TheCommentator1271d ago

If you'd sided with Amita instead of Sabal, the drug sales would have covered it. ;b

Seriously, hats off to these guys for wanting to help!