Watch Mobile Games Streamed to Xbox One Thanks to The New and Wireless Display App in Action

Here's how the new Xbox One Wireless app works in letting you stream mobile games and more on your Xbox One.

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Abriael1268d ago

Yeah, some games, I'm never gonna play them just on the smartphone anymore lol. Especially warhammer 40k carnage. It's SO much better on a big screen.

Brotard1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

as long as you have an iPhone you can get an Apple TV and do this for $70 or for $35 dollars with chrome cast and enables apps

Sorry according to my disagrees you can't. Lol I'm so silly, should have known

4Sh0w1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

Brotard, I'm not saying this is are earth shattering new feature but you are totally missing the point, there are so many other devices you could buy to do things that the X1 does, last gen folks bought video capture cards to record gameplay, this gen its really nice to have features like that built in or updated for more options. This is a cool addition to many more options that X1 has and I don't have a iPhone but I even if I did it's NOT going to also let me play the HaloMCC in 5 mins after I'm done casting from it to my X1.

darthv721268d ago

i have been putting off upgrading my S2 for a while now. this is giving me more incentive to get an S4 or S5.

unless there are certain phone restrictions.....?

Onehandband1t1268d ago

@darthv72 - The S4 doesn't work from what I read.


Projection of premium content is not supported. Projecting from apps like Netflix or Hulu+ will be blocked by your device as this is protected content.

Devices that enable HDCP protection at all times will not be able to project. like: Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Note 2 and Sony Xperia Z Ultra.

In some instances you may need to remove your Console from your device’s display list in order to reconnect.

iOS devices do not support Miracast.


freshslicepizza1267d ago

it's pretty good in the sense any device running windows 10 can be used to stream along with android phones. that's a hell of a lot of devices out there.

rumor has it nintendo's new system will be a cross breed of mobile and console in one package. something like this i imagine where you can go one step further than what was advertised on the wii u of not needing a tv to continue playing.

TheBrit1267d ago

@onehandband1t - not sure what you mean, i just sent hulu and netflix from my nexus 7 to my xbox one via miracast - in fact the movie Noah streamed really fast from netflix and the quality was excellent.

jttwister091267d ago

@brotard so lets see use this app for free on my x1 or go buy a apple phone and apple tv so that I can pay 35 bucks to use chromecast and do the same things. Hmmm I wonder what I will choose to do.

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Highlife1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

You can do this on a $30 chromecast. I find that its not great for games but cool for pics and videos. Does this do more than games? Screen mirroring?

Charybdis1268d ago

Cool makes sense that it can also be done on the xbox one. Connecting a chromecast to your xb1 has now become less usefull I guess

kneon1268d ago

My Sony TVs support Miracast without any addons.

nicksetzer11268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

@high Except, you are completely wrong. Mirroring requires miracast, chromecast is completely different. Also, the quality with this new app is much better than chromecast. (to my surprise)Sadly uninformed comments (such as yours) mad in an attempt to downplay a pretty cool feature is upvoted regardless of accuracy.

You have proven 2 things:
1. You don't own a chromecast.
2. Even if you were correct (you aren't) Are you saying that you would rather spend an addition $30 to have this ability? Rather than it being a built-in feature?

That all aside, you certainly cannot mirror your PC's display with a chromecast, (not just browser) or really much any low cost medium. This app does that as well. It is simply a small little addition that is cool to see, sad that you and brotard seem so upset about it....

optimus1268d ago

i can play ANYthing on my phone to my tv cause my phone has an hdmi output. (people and iphones, when will they learn) ;P

kneon1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )


You can indeed mirror your PC screen with chromecast


Yup, HDMI is the most reliable option of all, it always works. I've used it many times when traveling to stream movies to the TV in my hotel room from my phone or tablet.

And LOL at the disagrees to my previous comment. Does it really pain you that much that the high end Sony TVs support Miracast out of the box?

Edit: It seems I was wrong, Miracast is available on more than just the high end Sony TVs, there are dozens of models listed including low end TVs.

There are over 2500 TVs listed as supporting Miracast, so if you bought a TV in the last couple of years then you probably don't need an XBox one to use this feature.

CoLD FiRE1267d ago

Yes, you could do this with a chromecast. However, chromecast is terribly laggy when it comes to mirroring anything that requires any user interaction (games/desktop..etc). It's fine for casting videos or photos but anything else it sucks.

I have a chromecast and I have never in my life ever had a buyer's remorse on a $30 product yet the chromecast feels like a waste of money because of its terrible performance not to mention that its proprietary protocols require a chrome extension/app so you could even cast to it unlike most other devices which support DLNA or miracast.

Highlife1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

I hate when people try to correct someone but they are the ones that are actually wrong. Look it up. I have an xperia z3 and can mirror my screen on chromecast can also do it on my note 4 so don't know what the hell you are taking about think you are the one without a chromecast.
Straight from Google.

So sadly you are the miss informed. Apparently you were up voted even though you are wrong. Please don't comment if you don't know what your talking about.

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RJ920091268d ago

Wait so I can play my cell games on my big tv? Whaaaa? O man better not let my wife know about this. Shhhhhhh

Brotard1268d ago

The problem with screen mirror touch device games is you still have to look down at the screen to see where to tap since there is no tactile feedback telling you where your finger is!

darthv721268d ago

use proximity detection. Basically if the screen is mirroring your device and you see where a move needs to be made you make it without looking at the mobile device.

eventually you will be able to play without looking down just like learning to type on a keyboard without looking at your fingers. you will just....naturally do it with some practice.

Abriael1268d ago

you can also just attach a controller to the phone. It works with a lot of games.

illtownNJONE1268d ago

Well my windows phone has a tactile to show where finger is

1268d ago
RegorL1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

this is probably also why the touch pad on DS4 have seen so little use...

Edit: The tester keeps repeating that the best way to play should be by connecting a controller to your phone, wow...

Showing your own photos & films from the phone could actually be useful!

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Gamer19821268d ago

Google chromecast has done this for years now. Its nothing new..

1268d ago
thrust1267d ago

And yet the ps4 still does not do it :/ strange

kickerz1268d ago

Might try hearthstone on this . Prolly my best mobile game


Pocket Gods, Order and Chaos, and Samurai 2 here i come!!!!

1268d ago
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