Bloodborne is the best Silent Hills we are going to get

Bloodborne’s story and emphasize on creature and world design make it an ideal recreation of the Silent Hill aesthetic in all but name.

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ColManischewitz1271d ago

Bloodborne/Souls has always felt like horror to me. Silent Hill has always felt so forced.

Hereiamhereibe21271d ago

Silent Hill has never been anything like a souls game... Riddles, mysteries, strategy, planning, story, scares, and pyramid heads raping nurses. Bloodborne had none of these or did i miss something? Cuz if you ask me bloodborne was just a difficult (at first) hack and slash.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1271d ago

Did you even play Bloodborne or are you just saying you did?. While I wholeheartedly disagree with the guy you responded to about Silent Hill being forced(which is just utter f***ing nonsense) I agree about Bloodborne being a horror game. Once you start to uncover it's mysteries then you understand how disturbing and unsettling the game is. Lovecraftian Cosmic horror done right. Did you just play through the game without reading your item descriptions and not talking to NPC's?.

breakpad1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Unfortunately and fortunately Bloodborne will be the replacement for many bad games with bad recent entries ...IMO BB has done right many survival horror (so it can satisfy the fans awaiting a proper or good RE and Silent Hill) stylized action hack and slash (satisfying old DMC fans )and finally has a proper done beautiful gothic world with atmosphere exploration for Castlevania fans

Clumpy1271d ago

You missed all of it. And i clearly missed something aswell... Bloodborne was a hack and slash game? Please explain to me how a game with as limited stamina/fighting mobility as bloodborne, can be a hack and slash o.o The game expects perfect dodging, and you die by one or two hits most of the time, how do you hack and slash your way past that? Teach me senpai!

nucky641271d ago

you never played bloodborne. if you did, you'd know that it isn't a "hack n slash". try playing that way and you're dead real quick.

ThanatosDMC1271d ago

He obviously never played the game or has a PS4. Where in the world do people see stylish action games (DMC, Bayonetta, Shinobi) in this game.

Bimkoblerutso1270d ago

The games are obviously completely different, but a lot of the story themes and imagery actually did remind me of Silent Hill a few times. Like the nods to Lovecraft and all that mess with the cosmic childbirth and fetus creatures, and the general feeling of being caught in a nightmare.

I agree more with an article that was posted yesterday, though. Bloodborne reminds me much more of a current-gen 3D Castlevania.

joab7771270d ago

You didn't play ot then, cuz you described it perfectly without even knowing it.

It is one of the most immersive, atmospheric story driven games ever made, steeped in Lovecraft -ian lore. The deeper you dig, the closer you get to wearing a cage on your head.

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_-EDMIX-_1271d ago

can't stop laughing....

Both series could not be further apart from each other.

Jughead34161271d ago

Why are people calling Bloodborne a hack and slash? STOP IT!!! And why is Bloodborne being compared to Silent Hills? They are nowhere close to being similar.

ThinkThink1271d ago

Bring Condemned back. The first one was great.

Bebedora1271d ago

Or why not this one:

I never had the guts finishing it.

KwietStorm1271d ago

I wonder if you've ever actually played Silent Hill.

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WCxAlchemist1271d ago

Thats one of thee dumbest comparisons so far of 2015 matter of fact any year

bunt-custardly1271d ago

Going to have to agree with you there completely.

Bloodborne is nothing like Silent Hill a better comparison would be The Evil Within from the awesome Shinji Mikami who somehow fuses Resident Evil gameplay with Silent Hill mad visuals.

sevilha821271d ago

I know right,it was it's jumps and wtf moments but not even close of the psycolhogical terror of silent hill,next it's gonna be"Bloodborne is the best Fifa we are gonna get"lol.

turdburgler10801271d ago

After I beat the blood starved beast I stopped playing bloodborne. Its not bad but it just doesn't hold my attention.

Hereiamhereibe21271d ago

Better with friends, albeit alot more work.

BlackTar1871271d ago

man you missed out on so many elements that contribute to it being awesome and deep.

Tdmd1271d ago

Bloodborne is absolutely beautiful in every possible way and one of my favorite gaming experiences in a very long time. That being said, it is no Silent Hill. Wtf is this comparison?! It's like saying that, from now on, CoD will be the best Metal Gear we are going to get... you know, with both having guns and all...

WildArmed1271d ago

lol I think there is a thing going on with "Bloodborne is the best _______"

Last time it was Castlevania

AstroCyborg1271d ago

what an awful comparison bloodborne isn't even scary

bangoskank1271d ago

Bloodborne is downright terrifying at times. I definitely consider it a horror/action game. The atmosphere is very unsettling and you don't know what kind of monstrosity lurks around each corner when you first discover a new area.

Hereiamhereibe21271d ago

At first it was intense but not scary. People often confuse these feelings. But once you learn the controls and get good so to speak, its easy (too easy) and very few enemies actually pose a real threat unless you hamper your own progress by not leveling or not using guns but at that point your not playing the game at its default skill level. Its like saying a game is hard cuz your bad at it or your playing it on Dante must Die mode.

WildArmed1271d ago

Man, Demons souls 3-1 used to give me chills.

Bloodborne has some cool parts, but I think there was only one part where I was like scared (of dying).. those damn BRAAAIIINNNSSSSS

bangoskank1271d ago

Like I said- It can be frightening when you first explore an area and have no idea what will jump out at you. The game is also creepy as hell in some spots. Yeah, of course Central Yarnham is a walk in the park when you're level 60 but some areas can be scary upon first discovering them. Just my opinion.

ThanatosDMC1271d ago

Agreed. F*ck that room and those 5 licker enemies in the Chalice Dungeons.

DEEBO1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

I agree with you.I'm a 239lbs,6'1 muscle head 30+ male and bloodborne had me jumping like I was a 8yr old kid watching a horror movie with the lights out by myself.

Put on a headset and play at night those beasts will have you jumping.

If it wasn't for messaging it would be even scarier then it is now.

bangoskank1271d ago

Ha! I scrambled all over the place the first time I fought Amelia then died. That scream freaked me out. And, yeah, I'm 40, in really good shape but find myself jumping in spots. Especially with headphones or surround audio.

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Apparently there are a bunch of wussies who think it is... O_o The P.T. demo was absolutely terrifying. Scary games are games like Doom 3, Condemned, Silent Hill 2, Outlast, etc. NOT Bloodborne lol

Elda1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

I'm loving Bloodborne but I agree that Bloodborne isn't scary at all imo.I will say that Bloodborne can be difficult & frustrating at times & it's presentation is bizzare,disturbing & creepy but it didn't scare me. Also I would never compare Bloodborne to Silent Hill or DMC..Bloodborne is in a class by it's self.

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