Annual Games Like Call of Duty or Assassin's Creed Need to Start Using Female Lead Characters

An editors special blog about the need for more female characters that play a leading role in annualised games and the blockers that are likely to be preventing it.

Assassin’s Creed is the perfect game to give a female lead character. But one thing here is a big blocker and it’s a sad statement to make but an annual release game’s first priority is making money, making a good game sadly comes second.

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Jasmino9241270d ago

I'm usually the last person to defend Call of Duty but Black Ops 3 does actually let you play as a female character, both in the campaign and in multiplayer. That's a massive step forward, I think.

xHeavYx1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

No reason to have a female protagonist unless the plot dictates it. Nothing worse than having a stereotypical character only to please a few crybabies.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1270d ago

I agree, having a nontypical protagonist, love scene, etc just for the sake of pleasing a few people is either weak or a ploy for publicity.

However I think call of duty offering the choice is the best option. As a gamer I'm all for options, I like to be able to customize characters to further establish that connection only games provide, and if that option helps a few others achieve that I am 110% for it :)

ninsigma1270d ago

I agree. But it wouldn't be too hard to create a plot focused on a female lead for these games. Might change things up a bit...but probably not, those games don't change.

Godmars2901270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

"No reason to have a female protagonist unless the plot dictates it."

That's a catch 22 statement. With the COD fanbase mostly male, and game company execs being game company execs, they're not going to allow something to be pushed through that might alienate the audience. Not unless it follows the mold now set by Tomb Raider, which then is the semi-sheltered woman forced to become a killing machine.

Omegasyde1270d ago

While we are at it lets have a hero who is deaf, blind, muslim, lesbian, single parent, half black, half chinese, high school dropout, has only one leg, and has a severe speech impediment and is obese.


Social justice warriors for win!

Long live the anti establishment!

700p1269d ago

Why do they actually need a female lead character??? lol

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GenuineGamer1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Well in my experience playing games with my wife, she has said numerous times she would like to play as a female character and more often than not the option is not available. Giving players the option is a welcome addition, although to be fair the last couple of cods have already done this outside the campaign.

morganfell1270d ago

The point people are making is in select titles the choice is non-sensical. A female Master Chief? Female Snake? Female Kratos? A male Major Kusanagi? Male Deunan? In some instances it simply is absurd.

That said the ability to play as Kelly in a HALO title that dealt with the original Spartan IIs or playing as The Boss in a Metal Gear prequel (oh wait, no Kojima, no Metal Gear), or as Briareos or Batou (in games with a female lead) would make sense. The latter actually occurred in the PS2 game.

But forcing sexuality when the script doesn't provide room to please what actually is a minority is a disservice to the gamer. And by minority I am referring to those persons that would wish to break canon or common sense just for the sake of it or because they cannot take it if their character doesn't have a bra. In such an instance if the sex of a character matters more than story continuity then a person has bigger issues than not getting to put panties on an avatar.

In some situations the sex of a character is inconsequential. Mass Effect is an example. I played all 3 Mass Effect games with a female Shepherd because I couldn't stand the male actor's voice. But there are titles or IPs where history or canon should be allowed to dictate matters and splicing development allocation when unwarranted is not putting most gamers first.

GenuineGamer1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )


Nobody is saying it should be forced for every game ffs the article is referring to AC and COD.

Most games you could be a female or male lead without impacting the story at all.

I hardly see the problem with offering the 'choice' but obviously that logic can't be said for every single game like you said.

1270d ago
porkChop1269d ago

COD already had a female character in the campaign. She was a pilot of a fighter jet I think.

3-4-51269d ago

NEED? no

Most fans of the AC game would rather play as a guy, because most of the AC fans playing the game are guys themselves.

* Nobody is preventing any developer from creating female lead characters.

* There are hundreds or females in the video game industry.

Why aren't they creating more female characters if they want them so bad.


Is this just the media stirring the pot again ?

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Moldiver1270d ago

I dont mind as long as its optional. I personally I have no desire to play as a woman.

rdgneoz31270d ago

Options are always nice, don't force it on people. Let the devs work their magic and create a good product. Pandering to every single group that cries does not always result is a good game.

They've tried a female led with the vita game that was eventually on Black Flag as a bonus, but that never did too well (nor was it even mentioned on PS Black Flag reviews...). They've tried it recently with the downloadable side scrolling AC game, though not sure how well that's sold. From what I saw in streaming, it was OK. Black Ops 3 will have a female lead option, though it won't matter too much when the single player is like 4 hours long.

Bobby Kotex1270d ago

I have no desire to play a white guy, but I'm forced to in 90% of games.

Moldiver1269d ago

I can deal with that bobby (im black btw) at least its still a dude and I can relate to the character in that sense. I dont want to play as a woman though. Just not for me. probably why I never got into tomb raider.

Army_of_Darkness1270d ago

So it's not Same 'ol same yearly release using the same engine and gameplay formula since the first modern warfare that bothers this guy, but the fact that you can't play as a female lead?? Really??.... Smh... I'm sure all the female soldiers out there fighting on the battlefield with the men would totally agree you with..... If they existed... And no, I'm not counting the military office workers, but actual female soldiers physically fighting the war ;-)

Peace_Love_and_FPS1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Now please, stop talking. If you bother to read the article you'll see one woman who disposed of IEDs for a living, while you're hiding behind your keyboard making sexist comments like that. Have some dignity and respect for those who put their lives at risk.

They also account for 1.82% of wounded and 2.26% of the dead. Thank you for insulting those fallen soldiers.

Want to play as a man? Go for it, I will too honestly, but before saying stuff like that think or maybe do a little research. I don't understand how you have 7 bubbles and not a shred of common decency.

Not to mention the irony of your avatar...

FarEastOrient1270d ago

@Peace ignore @army, this is another person that has no clue about they're talking about.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1270d ago

Well, he has his right to say what he wants and those who agreed with his comment have that right just the same.

I'm thankful for those rights.

Army_of_Darkness1270d ago

For the record, I was going by Canadian and American soldiers, which are males on the battlefield by majority. I'm just going by the news so I could be mistaken lol.. My comment has nothing to do with being sexist in any way cause I don't have a problem with woman soldiers, my point is that I don't see enough of them which is probably why you don't see them in lead roles in war games as much.

Tiqila1269d ago

"Have some dignity and respect for those who put their lives at risk."

I don't think that soldiers, male or female, deserve respect for what they do in general.

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KryptoniteTail1270d ago

No they don't. They need to do whatever they want.

mic_cala1270d ago

No they dont, not if its for the sake of it. If a developer has a great story to tell for a female lead then 100% go for it.

But i hate when i see articles like this that just say devs have to include women in there for the sake of it.

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