Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Timed Exclusivity, Login Bonuses, Vehicles and More

David Vonderhaar was just answering some fans’ questions over at Twitter, primarily regarding Treyarch’s freshly announced Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

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XboxDD1266d ago

Tanks were a drag in WaW. It's CoD, not Battlefield.
I expect the DLC to be first on Xbox as was before.

itsjustexuma1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

Sony seems to have the advertising rights for this game not Microsoft

Brisco1265d ago

Who said that? This was said with ghosts as well so don't get your hopes up .

Erik73571265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

Yea, like Brisco said, don't get you're hopes would be a MASSIVE disappointment if we dident have the PlayStation logo on the ad of one of the most innovative game series, Call of Duty.

I couldn't imagine what I would do if I had to wait 2 extra weeks for the map packs for this GOTY contender.

GenuineGamer1265d ago

Well considering the reveal trailer didn't appear on the official playstation youtube channel until exactly 24 hours after xbox uploaded it i doubt sony have the deal on cod.

The room full of ps4 consoles at treyarch was just one room. There was another room full of xbox ones but like usual that doesn't get spotlight due to people being biased towards playstation.

freshslicepizza1265d ago

if the partnership continues hardly anyone will care in the forums, if sony struck a new deal then it becomes a big deal. strange.

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joab7771265d ago

It's funny how MS paid for exclusivity, and ultimately just as many played on PS3. Now, MS has to pay for exclusivity b/c it's become the norm, even though it doesn't make any difference anymore.

Kinda like, MS can only lose customers of they don't have it, but PS owners don't even expect it.

Rookie_Monster1265d ago

You right, it doesn't make a difference anymore as they have Halo 5 coming at the same time as all those other third party game. Have fun enjoying third party games this Fall while me and many others will enjoy all them third party games as well as Halo 5, Forza 6, and Rise of the Tomb Raider. :)

ilikepizza1265d ago

Sorta how Sony paid a sh*t ton to market grand theft auto 5, watchdogs and destiny and all sold the most Xbox 360. Destiny even sold better on Xbox one throughout the holidays. Oh but you are talking about call of duty. The game was number 1 selling game last year and the Xbox 360 lead all platforms with sales followed by the Xbox one. Keep in mind Xbox actually had halo drop in the same month and call of duty still sold better on the Xbox one.

Automatic791265d ago


Technically your wrong more people play on Xbox One and Xbox 360 then on PS4 and PS3 combined.

RCslayer1264d ago

What kind of dope are you all on. Get over the fangirl bullshit and grow the fuck up.

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akraven1265d ago

I remember there was speculation that the PS4 would get the DLC first as the game just ran smoother on the PS4.Lets hope that is this year.

CerebralAssassin1265d ago

Lets hope the game actually doesn't suck this year on any system. Dedicated servers would solve that problem... Let's hope both playstation and Xbox win this year. Not just 1.

Elit3Nick1265d ago

Spoken like a true gamer

jaeEvuhL1265d ago

Nah xbox is ganna get dlc first as it always been

Ripsta7th1265d ago

To save you guys time
None of the topics were answered, they replied as we will let you know later on

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