Ending The Witcher 3 ‘With a Bang’

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is the final Witcher game with Geralt of Rivia at center stage, and CDProjekt Red Senior Writer Jakub Szamałek told IGN, “we felt that we owed Geralt a proper goodbye, and decided to part ways with a boom.”

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MeteorPanda1272d ago

take this headline down. There are so many people who don't want to know anything story related to the game...and this headline is just saying "He dies horrifically!!"

SnakeCQC1272d ago

or maybe michael bay wrote the ending and the witcher blows up a castle or something?

micx1272d ago

'With a Bang' could mean anything.

MeteorPanda1272d ago

is it so much to ask that the headline not be hinting to any part of the story tho? Learning too much about a game before you even play it spoils it so much for me. This probably turned me off the game completely.

micx1272d ago

You can expect pretty much any game which is last in the trilogy to end with a bang.

I don't feel anything was spoiled here.

b_one1272d ago

in books that happen but not with a bang, just ordinary peasant with pitchfork

audiophile1011271d ago

Im sorry but did you even take the time to read the article itself or did you take the lazy route and comment just off the heading?

There is nothing in the article that points to any story spoilers and nor does the heading.

MeteorPanda1270d ago

why would l read it? I'm saying the headline title itself is too revealing for a game not out yet. No l don't want to have forced expectations from IGN.

As said, l've gone lights out since to me, too much information released before it actually comes out, spoils it for me.

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WizzroSupreme1272d ago

A shame that the Witcher has to come to an end, but might as well end it on the best note possible.

Gamer7771272d ago

With a bang ? The final cutscene of the witcher 3 will be a sex scene lol.

XboxDD1272d ago

It will be a happy ending.

audiophile1011271d ago

sex scenes are always a happy ending lol

Kingdomcome2471272d ago

I can't wait. I don't get into collectors editions much with Bioshock Infinite being the last one I bought, but my fiancee just paid off the collector's edition in full as one of my anniversary gifts. I'm so stoked for this game.

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