Leaked photo from Konami 2015 meeting details future plans for Metal Gear and Hideo Kojima [Satire]

So what next for Konami? Latest internal meeting suggests a bleak future!

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zep2889d ago

this made me laugh haha

Gratisfaction2887d ago

Dude, when I saw that you had a Strokes avatar, I was like, "there's still good people out there!"

pinkcrocodile752889d ago

Sorry, the joke just isn't funny or satirical.

The original was a little funny but as soon as you've read it once and someone robs it and tweeks it and calls it their own... its not even remotely funny.

Then againthis is a story about a guy allegedy going seperate was from a company he has worked for. I know that a situation like that is comedy gold. LOL

Patashnik2889d ago

I laughed at the Yu-Gi-Oh bit so a bit of food came out of my mouth onto my keyboard.

The best bit is at the end where he talks about stealing someone elses work.

In fairness - he totally credits the other guy.

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