Destiny: Bungie Accidentally Nerfs Black Hammer, Fix Incoming

Gamers don’t need to go far to know that Destiny is among the most divisive games around; the title’s struggles are well documented. Moreover, no matter what Bungie tries to fix with their new game, it’s often the case that they end up turning yet another gamer off in the process.

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Intentions1267d ago

Black hammer has been nerfed since The Dark Below 1st/2nd week that it came out. lol

kayoss1267d ago

No wonder. I've been wondering why when it was fully upgraded, the black hammer don't have those yellow borders. I thought mine was glitched.

jdiggitty1267d ago

They pulled hive disruptor off of it months ago because it was interfering with the white nail perk and left the damage perk in the column. (there used to be both in that column) now the disruptor is back but the damage is gone. They really have their act together over there

Rock-Lee1267d ago

This is old as fuck. How come this is news to anyone?

maybelovehate1267d ago

The Fallen Walker part is new. It was introduced just recently. Sucks too cause it made such fast work of those walkers haha.

jmac531267d ago

I know, I thought this was saying that it was nerfed further.

FamilyGuy1267d ago

This news is hella old and the Walker thing isn't even true anymore.

Someone just noticed this and decided to make a post, how did this even get approved?