PlayTV dated, will record TV while gaming

SCEE president David Reeves has told Eurogamer that PlayTV will launch roll out in Europe "from September to December" starting with a UK date of 10th September.

Reeves also confirmed that the device - a digital video recorder add-on for PS3 - will allow users to record TV at the same time as playing games.

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Jandre023841d ago

When they go all digital hopefully. I would love to have one single device, the PS3, to do all the digital entertainment. Movies, games, music, pictures, community and now even TV(hopefully). This would be awesome if they could bring it stateside.

Hydrolex3841d ago

Wow Microsoft learn something mother father.

Damn I cannot wait for this one.

Arsenal4Ever3841d ago

Excellent that's more like it SCEE.

I understand why they have different dates for every country.

UK is the most digitalized country in the world.

US won't see his for a long time.

My question : What does this do that my Sky HD box doesn't do?

gaffyh3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

Digital signal isnt as good as HD, its like 540p or something close to that, if you have sky+ then i dont see the point fo you to buy it.

But i dont have sky+, and freeview channels are pretty damn good, would be AWESOME to record something whilst busy playing an online match or something.

Thta is a brilliant feature...this should have been in the press conference...although i guess nothing to do with America so they left it out. September 10th is too far away.

AngryBot3841d ago

Elite baby!
Only on PS3.

riqued3841d ago

Can it record gameplay?

reckoner3841d ago

Well, if you mean next year in 2009 when all of U.S. gets digital broadcast, I don't think we'll "see it in a long time".

Pricey3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

I thought that playtv had hd tuners. A few freeview channels are HD.
+ freeview = free.

moveteam3840d ago

Hmmm.. I think almost every European country has implented DVB-T by now. But I can't wait 3 months for PlayTV to show up in Scandinavia, so I'm probably going to import it from our friends in the west ;)

The only thing PlayTV really need (beside DVB-C) is a CI-slot, would be much cooler to be able to record and view commercial channels too.

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Dark vader3841d ago

Man you european guys are lucky. We North american are stuck here with microshit media center.

psnCAShville_6153841d ago

america is nice, but i want wanna go back to bristol after this news, so lucky!lol i would rather have PLAYTV then the video store! lucky euros

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The story is too old to be commented.