Japanese visual novel Danganronpa sells 200,000 units in the West

PlayStation Vita-exclusive franchise Danganronpa has helped to establish a market for Japanese visual novel games in the West.

That’s according to Takuro Yamashita, CEO and president of NIS America, which is the publisher for the titles in the US and Europe.

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DaveyB1271d ago

Danganronpa is pretty cool - but it's nowhere near as good as Steins;Gate.

nidhogg1271d ago

And a version of Steins;Gate will also be released for the Vita soon. Weeee~

BiggCMan1271d ago

Idk if that's true. I don't like Japanese media very much, anime, games, the general style they do etc. There has never been one that I truly liked when I tried to experience it.

But my friend told me the summary of Danganronpa a while ago, about the teens in the school and how to get out etc. So that really peaked my interest.

I got the game for my PS TV and absolutely fell in love with it. That game is freaking OUTSTANDING. How evil and dark it is, while simultaneously being uncomfortably hilarious. I've never seen anything like it, and now i'm starting up Danganronpa 2 soon.

Maybe I will look into Steins Gate, these same friends also like that anime.

contradictory1271d ago

Steins;Gate the game is straight out Visual Novel though so you might not enjoy that.

i'd recommend the anime though because it's great.
it's pretty much the best series i've watched in a long time and it avoids pretty much everything i dislike about anime! probably because it's not a shounen anime and the dialogue and storyline aren't utter shit like every shounen ever. thank fuck it's not a shounen animu.

actually you might like some animu that AREN'T shounen. i used to be exactly like you until i figured out that the really popular mainstream anime aren't usually that great to my tastes...

greenmiker1271d ago

Great sales in the west for a japanese title like this.

pompombrum1271d ago

It'll sell another copy when I finally get round to buying a Vita.. the story sounds really cool.

contradictory1271d ago

it's a story filled with surprise buttfuckery.
it also leaves a bit of surprise buttfuckery after it so you can go play Danganronpa 2 to reveal the rest of the surprise buttfuckery and get introduced to more surprise buttfuckery

-- Contradictory Dictionary --
"Surprise Buttfuckery"
1: surprising series of event
2: *censored for N4G.

Blues Cowboy1271d ago

Good on them. Danganronpa was my personal GOTY of 2014 (us Europeans got it late!) and well deserved IMO, gripped me from beginning to end. Great characters and a fabulous storyline.

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The story is too old to be commented.