Why more games should embrace the episodic format

GR:"Despite the fact the episodic genre of games is old enough to have seen The Empire Strikes Back in-theater, titles that are broken up into individually-released parts have only recently started to gain proper footing in the gaming sphere. Many notable projects in the early years had glaring faults that held the model back, from lack of mass appeal (was anyone excited for the aborted Bone: Out from Boneville?), to erratic releases (I'm looking at you, Half-Life 2), to flat-out disturbing prices ($19.95 for each episode of SiN Episodes? And there's nine of them?!?)"

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AudioEppa1295d ago

I'm okay with it especially if it's a game I support like I'm doing with Life is Strange.

It would be cool if more do it and keep the price between $19.99 and $29.99 without cutting anything out because there's no $60 tag on it.

But it really depends on the kind of game.