I Wish Paid Mods Would Have Worked

Steams new paid mod business model failed pretty quickly, and that's kind of a shame. There is a great opportunity with mods, if handled appropriately.

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3-4-51272d ago

It's = to restaurants charging for napkins & salt.

ZeroSkerbo1272d ago

It really could have been a good new business opportunity if the profits actually went to the developers. Fully support content creators getting paid for their work.

shocked6861272d ago

Really bizarre to me that Valve released a feature that was so anti-community. Their explanation was pretty logical, but it was executed terribly. In its current form, it had to go.

AuToFiRE1272d ago

No. And it will never work. Mods have been free for decades, charging for something that has always been free is absurd.

Now, once you realize a LOT of mods require other mods, then you run into copyright issues, if not being forced to buy the other mods as well.

KumquatGOATBEEF1272d ago

Mod creation has always been a hobby built around the passion to create awesome things that the community will love. When you monetize it you take the passion out and all of a sudden the community is filled with half-assed abandoned projects that are glitchy and break with the installation of other mods. There's no guarantee a publisher will keep their mod up-to-date. In fact, the fishing mod that was highlighted wasn't even finished yet, it was considered "early access." It was a bad business model and I'm glad to see it gone.

UnRated1272d ago

Um no. You don't take passion out of something when you get paid for it. What kind of absurd notion is that? I am speaking as a former modder here.

I am so tired of people speaking for us without realizing how much work we put into modding. Sure we did it for passion but it would be nice to get something in return too.

AuToFiRE1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )


No, once you start charging for something, once you start getting paid, its no longer about passion, its about business.

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Rachel_Alucard1272d ago

True, but if someone paid you to play the same levels over and over 100 times I bet the last thing you wanna do upon returning home is play games. Besides, this effect does affect people on a daily basis, and I can guarantee you if you need to keep working to pay something required in life any job can drive you insane in that manner.

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ThanatosDMC1272d ago

My main problem with it is the whole 75% is taken by Valve and also there's no protection for a modder's creativity. I could steal someone creation and repost it and call it mine.

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ChouDa1272d ago

I could totally see spending a few bucks on something that enhances a game I love to play. I mean, if people are making great mods now for free, have the community offer as much as the fee for an iphone app and BOOM! Even more amazing sex mods! Mods!

morganfell1272d ago

Every person that posts talks about how they would gladly give money. Then the answer is a donation button. They already have this at Nexus Mods and have for some time. Of course now we get to the point where people say on a forum one thing they would do versus the reality of the follow through...or lackthereof.

I think the people that say they would give money in a split second are the same group of people that own monster systems with 10 video cards in them.

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Saryk1272d ago

The wonderful world of hypocrites!

Rooted_Dust1272d ago

I think a legal problem with donating to a modder is you're basically paying them for all the work they do, but that mean that they are benefiting off of every game they've modded for.

They would need approval from every publisher who's games they've modded.

morganfell1272d ago

It is being done right now. The problem you are discussing Rooted is if they are using engine assets. A huge chink of Skyrim mods do not and are created from scratch.

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fashionst1272d ago

Boo this man

Not understanding that 'paid' mod services ruin the gameplay economy of the mods themselves is paramount to just coming out and saying "I don't use mods in my personal life but like the idea of making money for something I could do in theory, but probably wouldn't approach if not for the possible monetary gain."

Shockingly transparent with your inexperience, author/sympathizers

theFAYEsorceress1272d ago

so: take something that's been free basically since its inception and start charging people for it. yeah, no. that's the bs dlc sh** we have already from publisers. the modding community does it because they like doing it, not to turn a profit. people think everything is about money when some people do things because they legitimately like doing it. i'm sure modders would be grateful for donations(who wouldn't) but they're not busting their asses EXPECTING a payday from it.

TedCruzsTaint1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

It's almost always about money, honestly. While, sure, there are many passion projects . . . the truth is modding, for many, is nothing but portfolio building in order to, eventually, be paid for their work.

If modders could just as easily make an actual living through modding, in comparison to doing it for free,chances are they will take the pay day.

Money makes life easier for everyone, and that's as simple as it gets.

Again though, that is not to turn a nose at the projects that were nothing but passion projects for people. There's no denying they exist.

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