Alpha Protocol – I Spy….a lost gem

"Poor old Obsidian, always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Handed the reigns to illustrious RPG franchises like Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic and Fallout but perceived to have released only sub-standard sequels; then to fall when launching their own franchise in form of Alpha Protocol."

The Marb from Gameondaily reviews Alpha Protocol in his altest Guilty Pleasure Trials

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Volkama1270d ago

Hmmmm sounds like it's worth a go. Purchased based on this review. It better be good! Well... it was only 3quid so it doesn't really matter if it sucks.

The-Marb1270d ago

Its a good solid game, you should enjoy it. Though you may want to squint at some of the uglier bits.

Septic1270d ago

That seems to be the case with most of the bargain bin games you review in Guilty Pleasures!

The-Marb1269d ago

Not all....Blacklist looks great lol