Is Evolve worth a shot at £23.76 on PS4?

Dealspwn: PS4 gamers can now pick up a new copy of Evolve for £23.76 thanks to the voucher code below. But is that cheap enough for you?

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Blues Cowboy1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Hard to call. Great price, but should have released at this sort of level from the start!

bggriffiths1271d ago

Yeah, I think a digital £19.99 would have been the best place for it to start. I'll rarely buy games that are MP-only as it is as I don't have the time to commit and get good. Tempted at that price, but then again, maybe £9.99 is more up my street. By which time nobody but experts will be playing it.

Cra2yey31271d ago

If it was a ps+ title I probably wouldn't play it. Game just rubs me the wrong way.