Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor Game of the Year Edition announced

Neil writes "Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have today announced a GOTY Edition of Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor"

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oKidUKo1267d ago

I highly recommend people get this if they missed out first time round. Great game, the nemesis system worked really well!

Skankinruby1267d ago

Does it get better? I'm about 5 hours in amd i find it a bit repetitive

oKidUKo1267d ago

Yeah I thought so personally, more powers makes for unique ways to overcome battles.

ZaWarudo1267d ago

And this is why i rarely buy vanilla releases.

morganfell1267d ago

In this case a great feature of the game only functions if you are playing it as the same time as your friends. While the Nemesis System if wonderful, it only has meaning if you are avenging friends rather than some faceless gamer you never met. So not buying it works for the Nemesis if your friends wait to play it with you.

KrisButtar1267d ago

I usually wait as well with certain franchises as they always pump out GOTY or some kinda edition which makes it a full game.

BLow1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

I just picked this game up last week for $20 on amazon(the regular version or course). I'll probably get around to it this Summer as I don't have time to play it right now. Backlog continues to grow and....well....just life gets in the way. :-)

BLow1267d ago

How the [email protected] did I get a disagree for what I said? Wow, some people have some serious issues.

Enmson1267d ago

This is why i don't buy games on Day 1

MilkMan1267d ago

The whole gaming system sucks ballz.
Dont buy now, buy later when its game of the year addition.
Publishers Up-selling you at every turn.
Charging for DLC that should be free.
Expansion packs that barely qualify as free DLC.
Charging full price for multiplayer games only, and EVEN those games are chewed up and split in tiny pieces so they can sell it to you later.
No demos
No Backwards compatibility.
Everyone looking to be a "star" on YouTube, PSN, Twitch TV, UStream. There not even great players and they want "donations"
No great titles for current gen games.
A s**t-ton of "remasters" cause like I said before there is no backwards compatibility.
We drove off Adam Sessler.
No one's options matter.
No review matters.

In all my hears playing games, this is by far the worst, downtrodden generation gaming has ever been.

I goddamn ashamed of the current state of gaming.
But most of all, I'm ashamed of myself for participating in this at any level.

Revolver_X_1267d ago

You had me until you mentioned beta male Madam Sessler. The same guy that whined about the name of a trophy and not getting a free PS4. smfh. You were on to something down to no backwards compatibility, then you just got whiny.

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The story is too old to be commented.