Shigeru Miyamoto Loves Killzone 2

Well, actually we dont know what he really thought. But as I was snapping pics of him on the E3 show floor, he walked over to Killzone 2 and LBP, I managed to take some video of him and his Killzone 2 experience. You cant tell from the video but he seemed really impressed.

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JEDIaNIN3747d ago

SHIGI's next project, PS3 development...maybe not

AngryBot3747d ago

Killzone 2 is insane. Especially the multiplayer.

decapitator3747d ago

And he dont know who or what Ratchet is...riiiight.

Knightmare3746d ago

Even Mario cannot resist KILLZONE2!

gambare3746d ago

maybe that experience will lead him to make a new IP of his own

Sev3746d ago

Decapitator.... I love your new avatar... lol

I wonder who made that awesome sackboy....?

cito35th3746d ago

lol miyamoto prob got pissed at 360 taking their avatar idea.... sony and nintendo tag teaming up against 360? lmao

idk bout you guys but im following w.e. the asians are doing lol !

yaboi3746d ago

u couldn't help but to be impressed

StephanieBBB3746d ago

Miyamoto touched KZ2! Now as everything Miyamoto touches will turn in to poop =(

superflyguy3746d ago

I'm Jealous of Him. Videos do not provide the same experience as actual gameplay.

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jcgamer3747d ago

I trust his opinion...he knows a AAA game when he sees em' on Miyamoto, game on... :)

Doctor Strange3747d ago

Agreed, he's a true gamer to the end.

N4g_null3746d ago

They should have game him a controller! That would have been priceless!

Old Snake3747d ago

I bet he could make some kick ass fps if nintendo let him

BananaSlug3747d ago

Miyamoto makes whatever the F*** he wants!

deeznuts3747d ago

No but if Miyamoto wanted to make a GTA like game, they probably wouldn't say squat, as long as it doesn't sully their #1 IP.

Homicide3746d ago

Miyamoto said he could make Halo if he wanted to.

The Wood3746d ago

i remember that. did they ever do part 2

darkdoom30003746d ago


LOL, GTA mario. could be some true mafia sh!t right there!
imagine mario ->the don. being the fat boss, somkin his cigiar. with lugiui as his right hand man.

that would be funnies.

ThanatosDMC3746d ago

No, i dont think so... didnt Robot Chicken stop making episodes?

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BananaSlug3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

Miyamoto's next game: Wii Kill

concept: game requiring no skill to enjoy a kill

peripherals required: wii remote, wii motion plus, wii nunchucks & zapper add-on (to shoot), wii wheel & wii board (to drive), wii speak (to voice chat)

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

- 本商品はオンライン専用商品です。
- PS3『メタルギア ソリッド 4 ガンズ・オブ・ザ・パトリオット』に収録されて いる、『メタルギア オンライン』スターターパックと同内容となります。
-『メタルギアオンライン』スターターパックで作成したプレイ ヤーキャラは 本商品にも引き継がれます。

『メタルギア ソリッド 4』の世界観と操作感覚がオンライン対戦で新たな魅力を放つ!

- 最大16人でのチーム戦や個人戦が可能。位置や状態などの情報を チームで共有する「SOPシステム」、チャットやプリセット無線 な どでの仲間との連携が、戦いを盛り上げる。

- 操作の基本を学べるトレーニングモード、同レベルのプレイヤーと のオートマッチング機能、先輩プレイヤーから指導を受けられる教 官 指導など様々な安心機能を搭載。
Which means - I WANT TO BUY A PS3 NOW!!! ;-D (TRUE!!!) ;)

@BananaSlug ;) Maybe his next game will be called - 'Wii-Zone!!!' ;-D Er erm...