The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Nine New Beautiful Screenshots Released

CD Projekt RED has released nine new screenshots from The Witcher 3, showing new locations and NPCs. In addition, the company included two shots showing Geralt romancing Merigold and Yennefer.

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DarkOcelet1320d ago

20 more days to go. I am so excited :)

Bansai1320d ago

the closer the release, the more I suffer :(

DarkOcelet1320d ago

Dont worry my friend, the suffering will end soon.

Conzul1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

You think YOU'RE suffering?!

I'm still enraptured by Bloodborne. IDK how I'll deal with two awesome games at once if I don't finish BB in time....

And to think, this was not a problem that we had at all in 2014.

sssb1320d ago

Love Yennfer kiss :)

Twignberries1320d ago

Damn! Not sure whether it's because I'm viewing these screens on my phone or not, but they look without a doubt absolutely phenomenal!! For once I can say this DSOG have actually downplayed screenshots for once!

starchild1320d ago

Definitely. These screens look fantastic. I'm super impressed by the game in general. The character models have improved a lot since the old trailers.

ArchangelMike1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

I just can't decide, and it's killing me.

Help me out guys :


EDIT: Don't say both... you have to choose one!

Conzul1320d ago

They say true redheads are a dying breed. IDK if true or not but....damn.

Fallen861320d ago

Tris brotha! or Yennifer! lmao.
I think the choice will be easier when we have the game.

MrCherry1320d ago

Its hard to say....but yennifer. Looks great,the background, the swords and the look on her face makes it #1 for me.

MrCherry1320d ago

Hard to say.....but Yennifer. The background, bada$$ swords, and the look on her face makes it #1 for me.

starchild1320d ago

It would have to be Yennefer. Sorry, Triss. Just that the connection between Geralt and Yennefer is so strong in the lore. Unless something about Witcher 3 changes that somehow. But they're both very special gals.

ArchangelMike1320d ago

Check this out tho. Is Geralt having BOTH Tris and Yennifer at the same time?

Saijahn1319d ago

Triss, although she knows Geralt's heart is with Yennifer.

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MrCherry1320d ago

And yes I know I made two, I thought it didt show first post but yea Yennifer lmao

WizzroSupreme1320d ago

The character models are just so beautiful...I hope the writing is too.

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