#6 Reasons Video Game Movies Fail- Gameluster

It’s a widely accepted fact that video game movies are terrible. To date, there hasn’t been a decent adaption of any game, in the long history that pixels and graphics have existed. They’re always butchered and torn into shreds that hardly reflect the original content, and are instead pasted onto the screen with no regard for the source material. It’s heart breaking.

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AudioEppa1271d ago

I really liked the Super Mario Brothers movie.

It was based on a game where you go right and jump on mushrooms as a plumber, I think you're taking the process little too serious when it comes to a movie that is plotted on it lol

There is 2 different ways you could make a movie based on old video games because there was really nothing to go on aside from art and gameplay.

Games now that are heavy on cinematic story (thank god) are more easy to pull from the material because there's actually something there, but you gotta question if its really necessary to make movies about games now when the experience of playing some games is the best of both worlds.

I don't see the point of a Last of Us movie, but will I watch it? Yes, and I hope it's nothing like the game because I already experienced it, who's ever behind that movie I want them to bring the feels in a original way.

jjevangelista1268d ago

Oh, don't get me wrong, I still really enjoy the Super Mario Bros movie:) That, and the 1st Mortal Kombat and the the Street Fighter Movie, even though they were so bad. But so good!

I guess my issue is that it didn't feel like a Mario movie, you know? They could have changed the name and it would have been a totally different movie.

I still think it'd be interesting to see a movie adapted from the game, especially for people that haven't played it. But I'm all for movies bringing originality, or their own take, as long as it stays true to the original concept.

The Street Fighter anime movie and FF7: Advent Children are good examples of taking the ideas and expanding upon them. But most video game movies nowadays hardly even come close to doing the games justice like those did :/

Thank's so much for reading! Take care, cheers :)