Soul Calibur IV demo coming 'down the road'


"Fighting fans hoping for a pre-launch lightsaber throw down will wait until Soul Calibur IV cuts into retail shelves later this month, as Namco Bandai informs us that a demo for the game won't be available until after the game is released.

According to reps manning the company's E3 room, the devs are currently putting all of their effort towards getting the game ready for its release for the PS3 and Xbox 360 on July 29. As for what and when exactly we can expect from the demo when it's finally released, Namco Bandai wouldn't say, teasing only that it'll be available sometime "down the road.""

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chaosatom3745d ago

hope it's before the realease date.

[email protected]3745d ago

yeah, I'm not a Soul Calibur player but Dark Vader make me think a little about buy or not the game. Maybe i'm going to wait after a few month to buy when the price drops. I need to saved up much more this day for games and other personal things.

sonarus3744d ago

Only thing pulling me into this is my starwars love. I will rent it

BigKev453745d ago

Day 1 purchase none of the less.

ASSASSYN 36o3744d ago

I love play before you pay.

ongbakurhead3744d ago

but since i'm at a wedding that day i'll get rid of my hangover from playing it the entire following day. Lovely