Duke Nukem 3d High Res Pack for the Pc

Quote from MwGAMER
"Apparently a group of Software modders/Artist have been hard at work making a Duke Nukem 3d mod. wait What a Duke 3d mod. Yes this is a mod for the game that was released way back in 1996. The mod will replace all the old sprites in new 3d models. This mod has been around for a while but I just receantly started takeing notice in it. So I know what I will be playing tonight, Time to kick ass and chew bubble gum….ahh all out of gum…"

Read Full press release, get info, and download needed files from

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Scudd3770d ago

This makes Duke Nukem 3d look alot better when compared to the original, everything looks sharp again. Well worth the download.

Finalfantasykid3770d ago

lol i remember how awesome this game was. Thanks for posting this up

mepsipax3770d ago

while I love duke, when I dled the hrp, it wasn't as good, it makes everything sharper, but the models and enviroments are too brightly coloured and the animation quality is not the best, I appreciate their efforts and all while I had it at first I thought is was teh awesome, but after a while found myself turning it off.

n00bzRtehgey3770d ago

KICK ASSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Can't wait for Forever.

Kami3770d ago

i have had this mod for a lot of time.