Miyamoto: Zelda needs to be "accessible" for casual gamers

Shigeru Miyamoto only recently made a remark that E3 is no longer a place to introduce new games for the core gamer. Additionally, it has been discovered that the legendary video game mastermind provided a response about making franchises such as Zelda and Mario more accessible. Unfortunately, it looks like those who have been hoping that the next Zelda would ramp up the difficulty won't find the next Zelda game to be any tougher. If anything, the next Zelda title could be even less hardcore than we're accustomed to. "Frankly, some of the so-called 'franchise games' are quite difficult for nongamers to play, so making accessible games for these players is key. With Zelda, we have to consider how to make it accessible for new gamers to pick up and play and enjoy just as hardcore gamers have. For example, we've got the Touch Generations series. Now, we're not necessarily going to make our "franchise" games in that style, but we'll take what we know and have learned - the philosophy behind those games - and incorporate it into franchise games. That's a philosophy that's very strong at Nintendo."

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eagle213748d ago

Zelda is not casual. Making Link casual will upset core gamers.

Now he might have a good idea that will please both crowds. But it doesn't sound awesome at all yet.

mepsipax3748d ago

"hardcore" crowd will be upset, the wii's current "core" audience is casuals, and that's why they're thinking of redesigning their classic "hardcore" franchises to make them more accessible to their "core" market, also, I think people will overreact to this, he's not gonna rip everything we know and love about zelda and add miis, minigames, and exercises that make your gray matter smarter.

DarthTigra 3748d ago

Oh lord zelda too. Come on nintendo leave at least one franchise for the hardcore.

Jack Bauer3748d ago


if nintendo makes zelda casual... im done with nintendo, period... RIP nintendo.

Foolsjoker3748d ago

Well I already retired my Wii as there is not any games coming out even worth hooking it up anymore. Nintendo's only chance with keeping their loyal (mostly hardcore) fan base is to keep giving them the games they have been playing for years.

It seems that Nintendo is selling out the people that brought them so much success. Feel like I'm seeing my childhood hero slap me across the face.

iamtehpwn3748d ago

Even the Wii build of Twilight Princess was.
Hell, Even my mom learned how to play Twilight Princess in about 10-20 minutes, thanks to the wiimote.

Smacktard3748d ago

That's cause TP, WW, and PH were all as casual as hell. TP sucked, but WW was good... except for the godawful sailing.

SolidSnake933748d ago

They should never make Zelda casual. The reason it sells so well is because it is hardcore, if you make it casual it will bomb in sales and reviews.

LastDance3748d ago

you know a company is a bunch of F heads when they try to make games for NON gamers haha....what in the world.

Screw you too nintendo

StephanieBBB3747d ago

everything he touches turns in to utter crap. If they keep dumbing down the games on nintendo soon the only ones who will play it are "less intellectual forunate" at adult day care centers... congratz nintendards!

thebudgetgamer3747d ago

this is a bad trend for nintendo fans but to say you hate mr myamoto is crap you are talking about the man that all but single handedly saved video games

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ChickeyCantor3748d ago

Think about the 1:1 sword fighting, thats simpler then buttons =P

BrotherNick3748d ago

that is true. 1:1 controls will make games simpler when they get better.

deeznuts3748d ago

Did you just ask everyone to visualize sword fighting?

Quick, topless wii action, stat!

AllroundGamer3748d ago

they should make it like Wii Music, just push random buttons and the game will play by itself :D

killinet2473748d ago

that sounds like a superb idea...if they do that then it will definitely be game of the year and receive nothing but 10's across the board...the zelda fans will love it for sure might even move a few million consoles because it would just be glorious

ViRaL-3748d ago

its a sad day for the hardcore

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The story is too old to be commented.