Konami ID, Server Hosting, Konami/Kojima Kerfuffle's effect on Metal Gear Online 3

Metal Gear Online has in two occasions, been shut down and then revived back in the forms of private server. Third times a charm, right?

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PhoenixUp1271d ago

God I hope MGO3 doesn't use Konami ID or get shut down in four years

RumbleFish1271d ago

This is not just about Konami ID or MGO. Metal Gear Solid will die if these informations are true.

Sad times!

Mikeyy1271d ago

Can't stand Konami id. What the F is wrong with just using my psn.

This is 2015 not 2003.

Perkel1271d ago

They don't want to pay PS store cut

fayz1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

omg forget konami id, stick to using xbl/psn id's

NarooN1271d ago

Konami ID was one of the dumbest shit-tier ideas ever. It was incredibly pointless to make people have one of those ON TOP of the pre-existing PSN usernames on MGO2.

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