Official Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm website updated

Just recently the official website for the hot and anticipated Playstation 3 exclusive game Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm from CyberConnect2 which marks the beginning of next-gen Naruto game has been updated. There are amazing new images such as boss battles, new characters, area, and the recently seen E3 trailer.

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CViper5617d ago (Edited 5617d ago )

Would love multiplayer. just as icing on the cake.

B-Rein5617d ago

i cant wait for this game, looks awesome, i heard its gonna be no different from the anime

J@D5617d ago

The demo is out on the European PSn store since this morning... GO GO GO AND DOWNLOAD IT! AWESOME I MUST SAID!

Dir_en_grey5617d ago

It's still missing online? Tell them to start working on a patch before release or something.


No One Makes Anime Games Quite As Well As CyberConnect2

There's nothing quite like flying in DBZ: Kakarot or Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm's battles.

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TheColbertinator887d ago

That's also the problem. They are decent but never truly ambitious in challenging the powerhouses of any genre whether RPG or fighting.

Outlawzz887d ago

Completely agree. Their games never quite reach that high point. They have potential but it's like they hold themselves back.

melons887d ago

They do seem to have taken a safe route with the new Demon Slayer game though, which has no demons to slay (???) and is very similar to Ninja Storm.

spartan112g887d ago

I mean, ArcSys makes better anime games in Guilty Gear and FighterZ, so this argument fell on its face quick.

Pepsi_Man3000887d ago

Those are both fighting games based off of an anime. Naruto storm, my hero one justice, that shitty one punch man game, etc are the games the writer is talking about Im sure

lucian229887d ago

except naruto games are barely actual deep fighting games

BrainSyphoned887d ago

Or 20 second fights fall on their face when portraying multi season anime.

Outlawzz887d ago

I like the games they work on and how they recreate the feel of the anime. They are masters of that imo but the gameplay is usually basic and doesn't ever try anything new. It's mostly the same over and over.

So that basically only ever makes it a good game with lots of potential to be a great game.

Pepsi_Man3000887d ago

CC2 has a lot of potential. Theyre amazing when it comes to spectacle. Naruto storm looked great and asuras was amazing cinematic wise, but theyre gameplay needs so much improvement. Its so damn basic. Its like they hold themselves back. I remember the reveal trailer for asuras wrath having body slams, and suplexes, dragging enemies across the ground etc. And for some weird reason all of that was removed for gameplay that was hardly anything more than mashing the circle button.

And its even more frustrating cuz theyve done how many storm games now. Youd think they wouldve managed ti improve but tis like theyre not even trying. Idk man. I just feel like a dev like them shouldve been way bigger by now

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Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm- Retrospective Review

Nevada Dru from Bits & Pieces finally got into Naruto and works his way through the Ulimate Ninja Storm series, starting at the begining.

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