Sony Loses Trademark for Long Awaited 'Eight Days' Action Title

Way back in 2006 Sony announced a new IP for the PlayStation 3. That game was Eight Days: an action packed third-person shooter that looked like it was going to blow the socks off of players.

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sinncross1269d ago

Too bad they cancelled this. Would be great if Sony London had this reworked for PS4.

Thatguy-3101269d ago

This game had so much potential. The set pieces remind me of some of the scenes from the fast and the furious franchise.

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Phar0ahad31269d ago

This game might be remade for project morpheus i have a feeling like that london heist demo it might be the getaway or something exclusivley for morpheus

freshslicepizza1269d ago

what they should be doing is releasing the rights to crowdfunding so that the game can be made if the public still wants it.

bicfitness1269d ago

I'm not sure how the game is "long awaited", when it was announced as having been cancelled.

NarooN1269d ago

Actually they later came out and said it was "on hold" -- they said the same for The Getaway 3. The truth is, they put those two games on hold to develop stuff like EyePet and SingStar games, because they were really hot and profitable games over there in Europe apparently. Total BS, since both of those games (Getaway 3 and Eight Days) were two of the games I'd gotten my PS3 for back in early '08...

bicfitness1269d ago

Game was known and announced as "cancelled" circa 2011.

Eurogamer article, here:

NarooN1269d ago

I'd not seen that before. Before they just said it was on hold:

But that was from 09, most likely it's either canned or perpetually on the backburner for now.

hkgamer1269d ago

kinda sad what happened with the soho(?) team. if they still around, hopefully they can get back to working on getaway or this game.

DOMination-1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

Yeah forced to make singstar / eyepet / wonderbook games last gen. I hope they have something good under wraps for ps4

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stonecold31269d ago

wished this game had came out

spacedelete1269d ago ShowReplies(2)
Kurisu1269d ago

It's kinda funny to look back at it. At the time it looked amazing but now it looks, well, so last gen xD

hkgamer1269d ago

graphics were ok i guess, but the animation looked fantastic compared to all other games at that time. obviously nothing compared to uncharted or killzone but i cant think of a game from 360 that had animations like this.

hiredhelp1269d ago

Yeh this is one of sony's bad choices wish they kept it going obviously now it would mean a whole rework.

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