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Part nostalgia and part fan service, the free-to-play iOS/Android game Final Fantasy: Record Keeper is (almost) all good.

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Snookies121270d ago

Yeah, surprisingly it's one of the only phone games I really like. Not a lot of walls preventing you from playing without paying. Which is great.

Tuxmask551269d ago

I recently started playing and love it. A few days in and I'm yet to find a pay wall.

Snookies121269d ago

That's exactly right, and that's why I'm liking it so much. I'm not too sure what it's like at high levels, but I'm a little ways into FF VI's area and I'm moving along smoothly with no issues. Just seems like a pure fan service game, which is awesome.

DiscoKid1269d ago

This along with Terra Battle are the only mobile games I turned out to like, but only because they are MW and SE