New Video Games Release For The Month Of May

The Tyuno Project: "May is here. Which means that the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and all new games are coming to our consoles. Check out what new video games are coming this month of May."

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3-4-51269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

* Can't wait to finally play Splatoon.

No it's not going to unseat Battlefield or Call of Duty, but it's a solid unique new IP from Nintendo and they don't make shooters or new IP's too often.

* It reminds me of Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare a bit, and that game is IMO the best shooter of this new gen.....BY FAR.

So yea I see some of that within this game, and I like that it's different.

* Once Star Wars Battlefront is here, that will be my main shooter, but until then, I'll hopefully have some fun with Splatoon.

I just like that they actually tried this out more than anything.

Whatever doesn't work with this game, will be fixed for the Sequel.

Nintendo invested into this.....there will be a sequel....or follow up game. sequel sounds weird.

Der_Kommandant1270d ago

Wolfenstein The Old Blood and Witcher 3 for me!

akaFullMetal1270d ago

Final fantasy 10 on ps4, cool.

Relientk771270d ago

Can't wait for Witcher 3

MilkMan1270d ago

Old Blood and Witcher 3, maybe Splatoon.

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