Xbox One Wireless Display App Coming Today for Preview Members: Here’s How to Get It

The Xbox One’s Wireless Display option is going to be released today by Microsoft for Update Preview members, as mentioned on the private preview forums. The app allows Xbox One owners to project the screen of their favorite devices to their TV or monitor via the Xbox One by using Miracast.

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SpaceRanger1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

Just curious cause I love features like this on consoles, but does this allow for playing games on surface tablets or computers? Or is it more of an AirPlay like setting, to where you can show what's on your tablet?

Abriael1362d ago

You can show what's on your tablet on your screen via the Xbox One

ImAPotato1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

Later on when windows 10 comes out, you will be able to stream to your tablet and stuff.

ShowanW1362d ago

Yep, it all works, video, games, music, audio..

I was just playing Duck Tales from my Venue Pro while having it mirrored on my TV.

It kinda sucks with touch screen games... if ur not looking at the device ur bound to miss inputs in touch based games.

But it does work

1362d ago
ShowanW1362d ago

That's smooth.

U can just leave the Surface by your side, grab a controller and game away.

No need for Ouya and other devices.

DEEBO1362d ago

Smartass does already no?

Well I only did it with my videos but I will give it a shot.

Naga1362d ago

Not to be a smartass, but you meant to say smartglass, right?

LilMassacre1362d ago

I couldn't figure how to get this to work. Got my phone hooked up to the Xbox but a very small icon showed up in the middle screen on the Xbox and then nothing happened. Any suggestions?

ScorpiusX1362d ago

download app from preview dash menu "Quest", then sync up .

LilMassacre1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

I already synced my phone with my Xbox through smart glass. Or do I have sync from something else?
Also I already downloaded the just get my phone to appear under connected devices.

JRobes1362d ago

you dont use smartglass for this. you have to have a device with Miracast software installed on it and download the app on the xbox one. once you have the app on the xbox loaded up, share your device's screen using the share display option

ShowanW1362d ago

Phones currently dont scale well in the mirror app.

Hopefully they fix this.

JRobes1362d ago

mine does great. lg g2 fyi

ShowanW1362d ago

Windows Phones dont fill the screen, its just narrow display (although I can see the whole phone) in the middle of the TV.

Juiceid1362d ago

On some devices, you have to select an icon to change 'where to display' while viewing, and have the mirroring already active and waiting for a signal. Others you have to set up mirroring beforehand then the viewing options show. Think of it like discoverable modes for Bluetooth, and how each device needs to communicate before it'll work.

Sureshot1362d ago

Pretty nifty but I want to play on both my TV's with one xbox.

LonDonE1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

To do what you are needing i use this

I connect my PS4/xbox one to this via HDMI in and then connect 2 HDMI cables to it via HDMI out and then connect one HDMI to my big HDTV and the other to my gaming monitor that way i am not constantly disconnecting and reconnecting cables its awesome there is no lag and i can even output my PS4/XBOX picture to both my gaming monitor and HDTV at the same time with no lag its great!

As an added bonus this device strips the HDCP copy protection so i connect it to my elgato capture card and make videos and other stuff lol.
Its a great buy and well worth the money i paid.

Sureshot1362d ago

Bubble up for helpfulness! However my TV's are located in different rooms of my house :( thanks anyways

KiwiViper851361d ago

I bought this same item a couple weeks ago, but use it for my Sky Box, one HDMI goes direct to TV the other goes Through Xbox One to TV.

This way my wife can turn on the TV and watch as normal, but If I want to watch something like WWE RAW I can, through my wireless Headphones.

I get great sound at volume of my choosing (2 year old sleeping in the next room) and my wife can watch TV without having to touch my Xbox.

Win Win

dkp231362d ago

got this, laggy trying to project sling t.v from my pc...

my router is in the other room though..

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