Here’s an inside look at the Xenoblade Chronicles X Wii U bundle

A look inside the Xenoblade Chronicles X Wii U bundle.

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magiciandude1973d ago

I am really hoping for the American boxart to look like that instead of the usual blue. It really matches the game itself. Anyway, this is the first game I am buying for Wii U since SSMB For Wii U. This game is going to be fun.

Errefus1973d ago

hope we get the black case

Segata1973d ago

Doubt it. Japan did this for Wii as well. More mature games got the black case. Zangeki,Pandoras Tower,Fatal Frame and for Wiiu in Japan same deal black cases for Mature games. US got a white case for PT and regular for Bayo2 and such. NOE might do black cases but I doubt NOA does.

PigPen1973d ago

Looking at the pictures, I think it's a picture book.

Concertoine1973d ago

In Japan, Nintendo uses black boxes to make hardcore games easier to differentiate. They've actually been doing this since the wii.

The north american wii u boxes only have a few games with a black label, but not a black box. RE: Revelations and Deus Ex are the only ones i know of.

Likely it will come out here with the same typical wii u box :l

pcz1973d ago

if nintendo release this package and all contents in europe, i will buy it, simple as that.

the only thing i would add is a steelbook and soundtrack

gangsta_red1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

Licking my chops looking at this. May have to take the WiiU plunge.

Any plans of that bundle coming to the U.S.?

Metallox1973d ago

Geez, Nintendo. Believe when I say I'd buy another Wii U just for that content in the box.

Munnkyman1973d ago

I just want the box lol

Big_Game_Hunters1973d ago

I would buy a second wiiu for that, keep the box and stuff in the box and just give the new wiiu as a gift.

Metallox1973d ago

That would be a really nice gesture from you, but still, wouldn't be better selling one of the systems?

YosefH641973d ago

Yes Please. The black case kind of looks like what was added in the Metroid Prime Trilogy collectors edition. I am stoked for this game

PigPen1973d ago

It's not a case, it's a art picture book.

YosefH641971d ago

Right. It looks like it comes in a sleeve though. Just like the metroid one

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The story is too old to be commented.